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Hi there, I'm Char and I'm a 24 year old hair dye fanatic from the UK.

I started this blog back in 2012 as a procrastination tool for avoiding uni work. Writing mostly beauty & lifestyle content. Since then this blog has grown to touch on alternative fashion, film & media, books, travelling, baking, feminism & mental health.

Over the last year or so I've become a lot more comfortable with sharing my true personality in this little space on the internet and as such my content has become a lot more colourful. I love to experiment with colour and style, this is mainly showcased by the hair dye journey my hair has been on over the years. Every month or so the boredom takes over and a new colour is tried out, so don't worry if you can't keep up.

I love to incorporate my love for Halloween, Disney & all things geeky into my personality and as such my content. So if that's something that takes your interest then stick around.

I love working and collaborating with brands and PR companies, so if you want to work with me please contact me via email:

Welcome to my blogging fellowship, I hope you like what you see and want to join the journey.
It will most definitely be an adventure. 

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