Tuesday, 23 October 2018

This Week // 2


Happy Sunday

So, another week has completely flown by and I find myself back in my duvet sanctuary trying to piece together the happenings of the previous week; This week has brought with it some serious reflection and some very good food. 

I've been having some major thoughts this week about what direction I want to take my little space on the internet, and also my life in general. I've been battling quite a bit with self doubt about what I'm doing with my life and if I'm currently really where I want to be. So over the next few months there may have to be a little shift around, I think I've been plateauing for far too long.

As for the food, on Tuesday I went out for all you can eat sushi for dinner. When it comes to food, me and my friends go hard, and there was definitely a moment midway through the meal where the top button of my jeans definitely had to be undone. We had a lovely evening; eating, drinking Sake and just putting the world to rights. I can always count on these girls for the best advice.

Saturday's food choices were also Asian inspired, this time going down the Indian route, I went to Mowgli for some amazing Indian street food. The flavours were amazing, and the portion sizes were perfect meaning that you could sample so many amazing dishes, at really good value for money too. I will definitely be making a return to sample the rest of their menu. The evening led to much Prosecco being drunk, but thankfully not too much of a headache in the morning.

Hopefully next week will also consist of some more amazing food. 

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