Sunday, 14 October 2018

This Week // 1


Happy Sunday

It's been a while since I've done one of these weekly update posts, in fact I think I've stopped and restarted them about 3 times; perhaps I can commit this time.

Today's catch up comes to you from the comfort of my bed, as it would appear that autumn is most definitely in full swing, and there's nothing more cathartic to me than writing to the sound of rain on the window.  This week has been pretty wonderful, I had a week off work and it was definitely a much needed break, I may have even had a lie in or two. Madness.

I started off the week with ramen and drinks, the most perfect combination, right? I had to stop by Shoryu to sample their limited Gudetama set menu, after just missing out on going last time. It was most definitely worth the wait, both aesthetically and from a taste perspective. At only £22 a head, it's an amazing value for money as you get a starter, ramen, dessert, drink & free cup and coaster. I will admit that the coaster may have been the main selling point for me.

After nabbing some free tickets, Wednesday saw us attend the BTS Love Yourself Tour at the O2, a really unexpected and amazing night. Those boys are super talented, they can dance, sing, rap and are also very easy on the eye. They put on an amazing show and we definitely left on a high, albeit with slightly sore throats and missing voices. I would 100% go see them again, and hope that they do come back to the UK soon, for now I'll just have to settle for Spotify sing alongs.

This weekend has very much been a life admin sort of weekend, I tidied, decluttered and was brutal when it came to sorting out my clothes -- 6 bags have been sent to be recycled. Outrageous that one person can own so many clothes. This is in a bid to reduce my input into fast fashion and will hopefully encourage me to stop frivolously spending and instead invest into more multi purpose fashion pieces. I've also meal prepped for the week, made all my to do lists and caught up on my blog posts.

I think it may now be time to curl with a film, a glass of red wine and then enjoy a hearty casserole and strictly. See I told you autumn was here.

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