Monday, 29 January 2018

Favourite Creators // January 2018

2018 for me is the year of love and positivity, and what better way to express that, than by sharing the love to all my favourite bloggers, vloggers and content creators. I'm going to try and make this a monthly series to spread the positivity and show support for my favourite people. Because if you want good things to come your way you have to be willing to show goodness to others... I feel like that's some fortune cookie shit, but you get the drift.

For January it is time to share the love for all my favourite alternative bloggers, so you best get following.

Robyn // Midnight and Lace

By day Robyn is the cool goth teacher I wish I'd had in school, and by night she is taking over the blogging world by storm. 

Talking about a variety of subjects from alternative fashion to true crime, there really is something for everyone. I particularly enjoyed her 'dating in 2017 is a joke' post. Robyn has the most amazing style and rocks it with such confidence and self belief. 

With amazingly well written content, constantly improving photography and a killer cat eye flick, this girl is 100% going places. 

Jess // Foxxtailz

Jess is one of my favourite bloggers out there at the moment and 2017/2018 really seems to be her year, and it really couldn't be more deserved. 

With the most wonderfully colourful wardrobe inspired by Japanese fashion her photo's literally look like art. If I could steal anyone's wardrobe it would most definitely be hers. 

Jess is a huge advocate for embracing personal style and she most certainly rocks hers, and as a fellow hair dye fanatic, she's definitely a girl after my own heart. She seems like one of the most down to earth individuals and really deserves all the success that I have no doubt will be coming her way. 

Jess // Heart Shaped Bones

When I first discovered Jess she was rocking the most amazing green/blue hair, and I knew straight away that she was a girl I needed to follow. She has the most wonderful sense of style and her outfit posts are always insanely on point. 

Her personality absolutely shines through her writing and her Youtube channel is up there with one of my favourites as she just comes across as such a real and genuine person.

Not only a great blogger, Jess is an incredible artist with her own online shop. I own countless prints of hers, I love her art style and her quirky subject matter. 

Belle // The Hairy Potato 

Breaking away from solo blogging, Belle has set up a new blogging collective for opinionated, passionate women to come together and share their opinions on whatever they damn please. Still a fairly new venture, but one I'm super excited to witness unfold, and also grateful to be allowed to participate in. It's definitely going to be one to keep any eye on.  

Belle is one of the kindest and funniest people I have ever met, a gem of a human and a wonderful friend. 

 It's safe to say she also has one of the most fabulous senses of style I have ever encountered. 

Maria // Life With Maria / LilColourFreak 

I very much believe that 2018 is going to be a big year for Maria and it will be so deserved.

 This girl is such a talent, her love for Halloween rivals my own and her content always has an element of the spooky season, which I am 100% here for. 

Maria's makeup skills are off the charts and that mixed with her creativity creates some of the most beautiful, creepy and fascinating looks I have witnessed. 

I love her quirky style and I'm extremely jealous of her fabulous wig collection.


Meg // Mystic Mogwai 

Meg is such a fabulous human, she has the most beautiful smile, the warmest heart and a dazzling personality. 

 Every time I watch one of her videos my mood is instantly lifted. 

Meg's outfit photo's are some of my favourite's, I love her sense of style and her backgrounds are always so great. 

Her photography skills are amazing, and really deserves serious recognition for her beautiful photos, because she really is such a talent.

Make sure you go follow all these fabulous ladies on all their social platforms otherwise you may regret it. They are all such fantastic women who ooze creativity, skill, talent and drive. You better keep an eye on all of them because they all have the potential to do really big things.

Who's content were you loving during the month of January?


  1. Can I le cri for a moment!! This is the sweetest loveliest thing I have ever read and I am loving sharing the blogging love here xxxxx

  2. I want to do more posts like this, this year. Sharing the love is so nice and it's great widen the blog circle and finding great new content ^_^

    Tarnya xx

  3. This is such a lovely post. I haven't heard of any of these creators other than Maria but I will check them out!

    Love Eleanor ||

  4. Thanks for all the recommendations, I'm always looking for new blogs to read, especially with this aesthetic!



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