Wednesday, 3 January 2018


2017 was not a great year for me for a plethora of reasons, in fact it's safe to say it was a bit of a fucking mess. I'm pretty glad to see the back of it, and I'm quite excited to start a new year with a new mindset and a positive attitude. Obviously the entire year wasn't a complete shambles and there were some special moments; I went to Berlin for the first time, an insanely cool city that I will most definitely be returning to. I went to my first solo gig and saw one of my all time favourite bands: Paramore, then at the end of the year I went to Thailand. It was so nice to end the year on a high and it really cemented for me the kind of year I want 2018 to be.

Rather than looking back and reviewing the past year I want to look forward to the new year and all the opportunities and promise it holds. I want to think about the type of person I want to be and what I want to achieve this year.


I would love to reach 1500 Instagram followers, which with the current state of the algorithm could be a pie in the sky kind of dream. I spent 2017 slowly (and I mean very slowly) creeping up to the 1000 mark where it's plateaued just short of that milestone. My aim is to beat that this year and make huge advances by creating more quality photographs, embracing my own feed style more and engaging more with other bloggers. Would you like to help me begin my 2018 insta journey? My Instagram is @hobbitshairdye_ if you're feeling generous.

My biggest goal for my blog in 2018 is to produce regular and quality content, and more especially content that is true to me. It's so easy to get caught up in the comparison game and feel like what you are doing is not good enough compared to others. I'm always drawn to creators who are unique and embrace their own identity and now it's time for me to take my own advice and have the confidence to embrace my weird and put that out into my space on the internet.

2018 should definitely be a year for love and positivity, which is something the blogging world definitely needs an injection of, as it can be notorious for bitchiness, drama and blogger warfare. My aim is to not get involved or torn down by negativity, nor tear others down and instead build others up. I want to support my fellow bloggers more, be it through simple acts of liking an instagram post or leaving a comment on their latest post. I can't expect people to engage with me and support me if I'm not willing to do the same for them so 2018 is definitely the year for blogger love, and maybe it might create some new friendships along the way.


I say this every year but during 2018 I want to travel more, a lot more than I did in 2017. Travelling is the thing that I think makes me truly happiest, I love to explore new places and see and experience new cultures. It sounds cliche but every time I travel somewhere new I think I come back a slightly better person, learning about new people and opening your mind to others lives is such an important thing. This year I want to explore more of Europe, specifically Italy, Barcelona or Amsterdam. My dream trip for 2018 is to be able to go to Japan, South Korea and Singapore, I'm not sure if my bank balance will agree with this one though.

This year I want to sort out all of the life admin jobs that I've been putting off that I really need to get on with. This includes learning to drive and passing my test, starting to save up towards moving out and thinking more seriously about my future and what I want to do in terms of a career.

My number one goal for 2018 is to practice self care. I have not always been the kindest to myself or treated my body and mind in the best way so this year I really want to focus on number one. My idea of self care covers such a broad horizon. First of all, I want to create a more positive mindset and atmosphere, I want to be kinder to myself and kinder to others so that when they are with me they feel happy. I want to take care of my body and physical health by eating better and working out more, I would like to lose a bit of weight to help me feel a bit more confident, but I do also want to work on feeling positive in the body I'm in. Alongside physical health comes mental health, this is the big one for me, all in all I just want to be happy and I want to work internally on the things that can help me be happy as well as only surrounding myself with positivity and positive people.

All in all for 2018 I just want to be happy, to embrace my quirks and to work hard on turning this blog into the best thing it can be. Buckle up folks because I think 2018 is going to be one hell of a ride.

What were your biggest achievements of 2017?
What are your goals for 2018?


  1. So excited to see where you’re taking this blog, it’s always been a favourite read of mine! Sad to hear 2017 wasn’t great but you got this girl rock 2018!! Xxx

  2. I have the same blogging goals s you and they're certainly good ones to follow! Hope you get the chance to travel more :)
    Feel free to check out my latest post x

  3. Great photo at the top of the post! I'm wondering where that was taken?
    Your 2017 travels sound like fab experiences.
    The tiara in the second photo looks pretty - you look like a princess wearing it.
    Best wishes on your 2018 blogging goals. I'm not on Instagram, but if I were I would definitely follow you. I do Follow you on Twitter and here on your blog. I love your goal of embracing your weird. Here's hoping you get much internet love, that you have safe happy travel experiences and have a wonderful year 2018! I hope to do my first blog post of the year sometime this month. My last one was on October 1st:


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