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Stranger Things Series 2

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last couple of months you will know that Stranger Things is back. I honestly don't think I'd been that excited for anything in my life before. I binge watched it in one night and have rewatched it countlessly since, I am a big ol fangirl. 

Having rewatched both series I'm finding it really hard to pick a favourite, but I think maybe season 2 slightly wins just because I feel like theres a bit more depth in this series as we see more character development and background stories. I also love that this season is set in the 80's so we are treated to all the 80's style, pop culture and movie references. 

Since Stranger Things is probably one of my all time favourite tv shows, I thought I would share with you my favourite bits... I hope it doesn't suck. (If you know, you know.)

This post will contain spoilers so if you haven't watched it yet then first of all, what the hell have you been doing? Second of all, make sure you binge before you read because you don't want this show ruined by spoilers. 

Will Buyers.

We barely saw any of this kid in season one and he came across as a bit of a drippy character, but through that you could definitely see so much acting potential. I really wanted them to utilise Will more in season 2 and have him as a more involved character. So, it's safe to say I was very pleased to see how much he features in Season 2. It was so great to see him interact with the other cast members but also keeping that sense of internal loneliness. I love the way they gave him a connection to the Mindflayer, giving him so much more depth and layers. That scene where he has having a fit in the field gave me actual goosebumps. For me Noah Schnapp gave the standout performance of the series, such a talented young actor, this kid really deserves all the awards for that performance. 


The series is set during and around Halloween which just makes it all the more better, the American halloween vibes are so dreamy. I love that the kids went as Ghostbusters and arrived at school being the only ones dressed up. That's definitely the kind of thing I'd have done as a child. It being set around Halloween made the whole thing so much more spooky and gave it an extra sci-fi element. The fact that the series was released in October and Halloween elements in it made it all the more enjoyable and was the perfect autumn night viewing.

Mad Max.

Season 2 introduced some new characters, which I must admit I was apprehensive about because I loved the chemistry between the cast in the first series and loved the set up, but of course it is essential for progression to introduce new characters into the mix. One of the characters we are introduced to is Mad Max, who the boys first encounter when they discover someone has been beating their video game scores at the arcade. She is a fiesty, sassy and slightly cynical pre teen who ends up knocking her step brother out with a syringe and despite the others initial rejection, becomes a valued member of the group. I'm really excited to see how she integrates with the other characters more in season 3, and I'm really hoping her and Eleven will actually get to become friends.

Hopper & Eleven.

I loved their relationship this season, and I love how it came to be. From him finding her to them developing a father and daughter type bond. Being from completely different settings there are no doubts plenty of arguments, and with a confused, angry telepathic pre teen in the house you can definitely expect a lot more than door slamming. I love the way they come back to one another, you can see that they both care and want to protect one another. That final scene when Hopper is given Eleven's birth certificate with his surname on it melted my heart and I love how he made sure she had time outside to go to the snow ball. These two are so cute and I can't wait for more of their relationship next season.


He's always been my favourite of the gang, and this series really reiterates this for me. He has all new attitude, sass and teeth. Prrr. I really feel for Dustin in this series because you can tell he just wants to be accepted and appreciated, and that's why he makes the somewhat careless decision to befriend 'Dart' a 'Demodog.' I loved his and Steve's relationship this series, with the latter even giving him a sick new hairdo for the dance. The scene when no one wanted to dance with him made me sob, and I'm so glad Nancy saved the day for him. Dustin is such a little cutie and Gaten Matarazzo is such a talented young actor. 


I'm not entirely sure I can talk about Bob with out blubbing. 

Another new character we were introduced to in season 2 was Bob, Joyce's new boyfriend. Bob is shown to be the slightly clueless but heart of gold, genuine nice guy who I believe was perfect for Joyce. He was so caring to her and to Will & Jonathon. I loved that he was a bit of a nerd, and his entire scene dressed as Dracula was absolute telly gold. I had an inkling in the beginning that there was going to be a twist with his character, initially I was worried he was going to turn out to be a baddie but the truth was much worse. His death scene was so heartbreaking to watch, I had genuine tears. Portrayed by Sean Astin (Samwise Gamgee in Lotr.) And much like Sam, Bob was an under appreciated hero. I'm so annoyed that their wasn't any mention of him again at the end of the series.  Not ok. RIP Bob Newby. Superhero. 

Elevens Back Story.

This time around we learn about Eleven's real back story before she was Eleven at all. She finds her birth mother who is barely with it and using her telepathic powers discovers her true identity and that she has a sister with the same powers also. This entire story line was so essential for the character development of Eleven, and also broke up the sci fi action to give raw emotional elements. 

Joyce // Winona Ryder.

Joyce is back being her usual wacky self, just a few steps away from a nervous breakdown, and do we blame her really? I feel like it's not really Stranger Things unless her living room is covered in some sort of random wall scribblings; last time it was the iconic Christmas lights, this time we have Will's scribbled mind map. Winona Ryder in this role will just always be epic, she plays the role so well and I actually couldn't imagine it being the same without her. 

Papa Steve.

And the award for the biggest character development goes to: Mr Steve Harrington. It's safe to say that in the first series that Steve was a bit of a dick. I really wasn't a fan. I'm pleased to say my mind has been changed. I love how we see a more vulnerable and caring side to Steve. I love that he takes on the role of baby sitter and basically keeps the kids alive whilst dealing with their disobedience. The Meme's that have come out of Steve being the typical 'Soccer Mom' are probably some of my favourite things on the internet. I especially love his relationship with Dustin, how he takes him under his wing, the way he dropped him off at the dance was so cute. He's definitely earned his stripes as a proper member of the Stranger Things gang. 

There we have some of the things I loved about Stranger Things series 2, if I'd have mentioned all the things I loved about it, we'd be here all night. 

What were your season 2 highlights?
Which season is your favourite?
What are you hoping to see in season 3?

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