Tuesday, 5 December 2017

25 things for 25

I'm officially old... not really but it kind of feels it. Yesterday I turned 25, I know, I still look about 9. In the lead up to 25 there was a lot of stressing and flapping, but now that it's here it feels exactly the same as 24 did - even if I did wake up on my birthday with an aching back. I'm personally not the biggest fan of my birthday, I don't like drawing massive amounts of attention to it, but since it's kind of a milestone birthday I thought I'd share a list of things I want to achieve and do during my 25th year.

1. Learn to Drive // Pass my Driving Test.
2. Be more organised.
3. Get 3 more piercings. 
4. Make time to see people.
5. Travel More // Plan a trip to Europe or Japan.
6. Start doing Yoga. 
7. Be able to do the splits again.
8. See more live music.
9. Invest in a good camera.
10. Make my beauty / skincare collection cruelty free.
11. Drop a dress size & become more toned. 
12. Help make my best friends wedding be amazing.
13. Stress Less // Appreciate More.
14. Learn Guitar.
15. Put more time and effort into this blog.
16. Run a half marathon. 
17. Put money aside for a rainy day.
18. Learn Japanese/ Korean.
19. Take better care of my mental wellbeing.
20. Laugh a lot more than I did at 24.

A few big things, a few little things. Hopefully they are all achievable things... I guess we'll see in a years time. 


  1. Happy belated birthday lovely x

  2. Aw happy belated birthday! You look like a princess 😍 go forth and achieve your goals


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