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Quirky Gift Ideas // feat. Uncommon Goods.

Now, it's no secret that I am a sucker for all things quirky and that's no exception when it comes to giving gifts. I absolutely adore giving people presents, and find it so satisfying to see peoples reactions to unexpected gifts. Saying that, it can often be difficult to come up with original gift ideas for people and with the dreaded c-word (Christmas) every so quickly approaching, it's nearly getting to that time to use our imaginations to come up with some decent gift ideas. Or forever be known as the person who gave the shit present. 

Uncommon offer a huge range of different gifts for every occasion imaginable; birthdays, anniversaries, you name it - it's like an Aladdin's cave of gift ideas. All of which have something slightly different to them that you wouldn't necessarily find in other gift stores, hence the name. They have something for every interest you could think of, so theres something for the kids in your life, the foodies, the wine connoisseurs (or those that think they are) - the options are endless.

We all know that I absolutely adore travel, and Uncommon Goods have so many items on offer for any travel fanatic, which go beyond the typical scratch maps (although they do have them too and there is nothing wrong with a good scratch map.) It's so refreshing to see so many different products and ideas. They range from practical items to take travelling to quirky travel themed products, so there really is something for everyone.

1. Travel Cord Roll // £14.74

'Easily pack your electronics cords and other knick knacks with this stylish travel roll.'

2. Scratch Travel Journal // £18.42

'The compact journal allows the jet setter to plan their trip and record every experience along the way.'

3. Wanderlust Cross Stitch Map // £25.79

'Cross seas and stitches with this charming DIY embroidery map wall art.' 

4. Colourful Koi Travel Laundry Bag // £10.32

'Keep your laundry on the other side of the pond--er, suitcase -- during your next excursion.'

5. Little Sun Solar Lamp // £18.42

'Hold the power of the sun in the palm of your hand with this pocket-sized solar-powered lamp.'

6. Neighborwoods Map Coasters // £26.53

'Celebrate your favourite locale with these cedar coasters that are etched with snippets of your urban grid.'

7. Watercolour World Map // £25.79

8. Game Night in a Can // £18.42

'This unique set of 30 games is the jazz your next car trip or family night in needs.'

9. Anti-Theft Backpack // £69.97

'This backpack uses clever design to defy pickpockets on your daily commute.'

If you are looking to step away from the traditional scratch map for your travel loving friend, (because let's face it, they probably already have one) why not try a scratch travel journal or a cross stitch map? The same fun with some added creativity. I am especially obsessed with the Koi travel laundry bag, I know from first hand experience that when you are on the other side of the world it's very difficult to keep your dirty clothes from contaminating your clean clothes, so it's definitely a good idea to keep your dirty clothes separate in some sort of bag - my go to was a skanky supermarket carrier bag, but that's no fun. This jazzy laundry bag is not only extremely practical, but it's also a bit of fun, and let's face it you won't lose it in your bag.

If you've been paying attention to this blog then you will know that I am a bit of a geek and I love imparting that geekiness onto others with some niche gifts every now and then, and there is definitely plenty of them to go around.

1. Kisa Cat Candle // £25.06

'These geometric candles carry with them a dark secret that can only be revealed as their wax melts away...'

2. Personalised Record Doormat // £25.79

'Make your family go platinum with this LP-inspired doormat, personalised with your name on the record label.'

3.  Custom Pet Pillows  // £106.85

'Whether it's a kitty, a canine, or a canary, honour your pet with a personalised pillow in their likeness.

4. Birthstone Wishing Balls // £23.58

'Capture a single wish, accomplishment, or meditation every week throughout the year inside this work of art.'

5.  Break the Pinata Bank // £14.74

'This hand-painted porcelain bank looks like a classic burro piƱata.' 

6. 60 Hour Candle // £13.26 - 22.11

'This buzzworthy, coiled beeswax candle is designed to burn longer than traditional shapes.'

7. Sea Spell Doormat // £23.58

' A cast of seafaring creatures welcome you home or wishes you well on your way.'

8. Moon Clock // £29.48

'Sleep under the stars from the comfort of your bed with this glow-in-the-dark lunar clock.'

9. Agate Night Lights // £25.06

'lend natural illumination with these gorgeous agate night lights, showcasing vibrant colours and patterns.'

I am so freaking obsessed with this geometric Kisa cat candle, not only is it a cute candle but it also holds a surprise underneath, burning away to reveal the cats skeleton to create a cool yet slightly creepy ornament. My favourite item is the Sea spell doormat, I absolutely adore the colours and think it would be the perfect gift for any mermaid lover, I know there's plenty of us out there (I'm actually thinking of picking one of these up for myself.)

Uncommon Goods aims to celebrate the artists and their creations by telling the story behind the products by working with emerging up and coming designers. Taking inspiration from and collaborating with low income countries and trying to breach the gap between the creation of the product and the destination of the consumer. Inspiration for this company was taken from seeing unique handmade goods and the public demand for beautiful design. Looking to take this one step further Uncommon Goods merges the work of local artists and makes it accessible to consumers all around the world, making the unique products available worldwide.

The really amazing thing about this company is that they aim to be as sustainable as possible by using recycled materials, and environmentally friendlier packaging, to reduce their carbon footprint. They also are involved in charity work with non-profit organisations and have created a programme that enables customers to choose a partner for them to donate $1 with every order. I think it's so important for businesses to give back to the community and also do their bit in preventing the environmental damage to the planet. It's great to see businesses supporting smaller artists and working in a sustainable manner, it's also nice to know that the gifts you give are not only given with love, but also created with love.

I would thoroughly reccommend checking out Uncommon Goods if you are looking to break the mould on gift giving and truly surprise someone with a completely unique gift.

What are your thoughts on the products I've mentioned?
What's your favourite gift giving website?

*This post has been written in collaboration with Uncommon Goods, but all opinions are my own and all products suggested have been picked by myself.

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