Thursday, 28 September 2017

DIY Totoro Cake

Baking is one of my favourite things to do, but is unfortunately something I don't have that much time for. I recently had the excuse to don my pinny and bake a cake for my sisters birthday. I always try to make her a creative cake, honing in on all her favourite things; her last 3 cakes have consisted of Baby Groot Cupcakes, an Olaf Cake & Rapunzel's Castle, respectively. She is currently a huge fan of all things Studio Ghibli, so I opted to make her a cake depicting everyones favourite guy: Totoro. 

This recipe is a lot easier to create than it looks, so if you are no Mary Berry don't worry as all hope is not lost.


For the Cake.

Butter // 12oz
Caster Sugar // 12oz
Self Raising Flour // 12oz
Golden Syrup // 3oz
Eggs // 6 
Vanilla Extract // 2tsps
Milk // if required

For the Icing & Decoration.

Icing Sugar 
(I've not added measurements as I just eyeballed it until it seemed the right consistency.)
White Chocolate Buttons
Black Icing
Black Food Colouring
Cocoa Powder (optional)


Pre heat the oven to 150 degrees celsius (fan oven)

Cream together the butter, sugar, vanilla essence & golden syrup
Beat the eggs in a bowl
Sieve the flour & add the eggs slowly to the mixture, folding gently in.
Add milk if it's required
Pour the mixture into two circular cake tins and spread the mixture evenly.

Bake the cake for 12-15 minutes until golden brown.
Allow the cake to cool and then carve the cake into the desired shape.

To make the icing:

Mix icing sugar & butter to create the icing.
Add black food colouring to create Totoro's grey colour.
Use the white icing for his tummy.
Add White chocolate buttons (or melted white chocolate) for his eyes.
Use black icing for the other details and to create optional soot sprites to use as decoration.

Eat & enjoy.

I'm very happy with how this cake turned out, my sister was absolutely over the moon when she received it. It was almost too cute to eat (almost.)

Would you give this recipe a go?
What's your favourite thing to bake?

Speak Soon
Char xx

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