Tuesday, 18 July 2017

This Week #15

My bad for this post being up late, I've had a pretty busy week and I think over the weekend everything caught up with me and I just needed to chill. 

This week has been pretty productive in terms of blogging, taking photos and general admin. I had a massive spring clean of my bedroom, getting rid of 6 bags of clothes and 4 bags of general tat, and I must say it feels like a weight off my shoulders. As cliche as it sounds, a tidy space does equal a tidy mind. 

Friday and Saturday night were both absolute chill fests, sometimes it's easy to forget how nice it is to stay in and have a solo chill evening. It felt so nice to rest and recuperate. On Sunday I headed up to London for a family BBQ to celebrate my brother and cousin's birthdays. Our family love the booze and of course things escalated a bit. 

I don't really have a massive amount planned for this upcoming week/ weekend apart from work. I might try and get ahead on some outfit posts/photos and get some ideas down for posts -- I've already started thinking about my Halloween/Autumn content, which is probably incredibly sad, but it's my favourite time of year and I want to go all out this time. 

This week will also see my starting a new hobby, as my ballet class is on a 6 week break over the summer I wanted to fill the time with another activity, so one of my friends from work is going to try and teach me guitar. It's been on my list of things I've wanted to learn for years and finally I'm going to commit and actually try and learn. We shall see how I get on, I sense that I may be a lost cause. 

How was your week?
What are your plans for this week/weekend?

Speak Soon
Char xx

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