Sunday, 2 July 2017

This Week #13

This week marks the beginning of a whole new month, welcome back July, you've come back around so quickly. I hope you bring with you sunshine & happiness. I look forward to your long nights, soft breeze and intermittent weather. I always feel so hopeful and motivated at the beginning of a new month, it feels like there is so much potential for a fresh start. Don't get me wrong that novelty will probably quickly wear off and I'll be back to my old bad habits in like a week, but it's always a nice thought while it lasts.

This week my motivation for blogging has it an all time high and my brain feels like it's overflowing with ideas and creativity, which is so awesome. It feels so nice to feel completely passionate for something again, and it's amazing to have a creative outlet that makes you happy, especially considering that I'm not loving my day job all that much at the moment. 

This weekend I was reunited with some friends from school, one of whom I've not seen for like 3 years, we met up for brunch to celebrate one of our friend's birthday. It was so nice to catch up as a group and reminisce on old times and plan ahead to the future. It's always such a nice feeling when you can go so long without seeing someone but when you are reunited it's like no time has passed at all.

Next week is just another boring work week, but next Saturday I will be off to London to see The Killers perform live, which I'm so excited for.

What was the highlight of your week?
What are your plans for next week?

Speak Soon
Char xx 


  1. I agree, it's great catching up with someone after a long time! Aww hope work goes well next week xx

    Velvet Blush

  2. your photos are gorgeous! immediately heading over to your instagram haha xx

    Soph |


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