Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Black Lipstick FOTD // Not just for Halloween


It's no secret that my main aesthetic is the whole pastel goth thing, what can I say? pink & black just works. Part of that whole vibe is that I love to experiment with my appearance and push the boat out a bit. I also love to bring elements of Halloween into my everyday look. 

Black lipstick is one of those things that I was scared of for so long, I saw so many fabulous ladies on Instagram rocking it but thought that I'd look a fool as it's such a strong look. I've since found a strong love for black lipstick, I just think it looks really cool. I'll admit that it brings with it a lot of strange looks from people who aren't quite used to it, but who cares? One of the things I struggled with at first when wearing black lipstick was how to stop it looking too 'fancy dress' so that it fitted into day to day life. 

I thought I'd share my wearable black lipstick look to show how easy it is to rock, to show you that it's not a lip colour that you should be scared of. At first I used to do little to no eye makeup when wearing black lipstick because I was worried it would just look like Halloween make up, but upon reflection it didn't work that well, it kind of drained me and made me look a bit dead. Now, I opt for a dark but subtle smokey eye to add a bit of contrast and to take away the attention a little bit, and I definitely prefer how it looks like this.

Obviously the main attraction of the look is the lipstick so I think it's important not to go too bold with the colours as it could look like there's too much going on. I chose a dark brown/black smokey eye but you could try grey, or a copper/brown smokey eye, I think all would suit it. Normally I wear false eyelashes day to day, but my hay fever was playing up when I took these photos so I left them off. False eyelashes are obviously optional, they do make the look all kinds of extra, which I love but I know is not everyone's cup of tea.

FOUNDATION // Rimmel Lasting Finish - 200 Soft Beige
CONCEALER // Collection 200 - Fair
POWDER //  Loreal True Match - Rose Vanilla
BRONZER // Bourjois Bronzing Powder
EYEBROWS // Stila - In the Light Palette
EYESHADOW // Stila - In the Light Palette
EYELINER // Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Eyeliner
MASCARA // Rimmel Wonder'full
LIP LINER // Rimmel - Black Eyeliner
LIPSTICK // Barry M 

My main tip when applying black lipstick is to use a lip liner, because the colour can bleed quite a bit, and it's definitely not the most subtle colour to have smudged all over your face. I don't own a black lip liner so I just use a black pencil eyeliner which works just as well. 

I love this look so much, it brings out the Morticia Addams goth queen within me, and whilst it's definitely not a typical look I'd wear everyday, it's nice to experiment with something different and mix it up a bit. 

Plus every time I do this look I get 100 times more excited for Halloween...Hurry up October! 

What are your thoughts on black lipstick?
Are you brave enough to give it a go?
What's your favourite makeup look to experiment with?

Speak Soon
Char xx


  1. You are such a majestic fairy unicorn! I love this look on you and it suits you so well!! x x x x

  2. Aww your makeup is so pretty! And I love rocking a black lip as well but I got mine from Nyx Cosmetics and it's called 'Alien' :)

  3. I love your hair colour and this lipsticks suits you so well! I'm not sure if it could suit me as I tend to wear lighter shades of lipstick, I do love Rimmel lipsticks though, you look so nice <3

    S x

  4. I love that look! Your hair, eye-makeup and black lipstick look beautiful!
    P.S.: I love your YouTube video GRWM // Wearable Black Lipstick // Hobbits & Hairdye

  5. I'm obsessed with your make up, and the way it goes perfectly with your hair!! Pastel Goth goals! Black lipstick suits you so much, rock it girl! ^_^ I was the same, I use to be so scared to wear black lipstick outside of Halloween etc but when I did it it just helped me grow my confidence!
    You look amazing! So glad I found your blog ^.^
    Kinga xx


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