Sunday, 4 June 2017

This Week #9 // Praying for the world.

Today we woke to the news of a terrorist attack in London, the news obviously deeply saddened me and despite how often these attacks seem to be occurring, shocked me. After the recent Manchester attack I start to wonder how much our little country can take. It's not just our own country that my heart breaks for, it's for everywhere in the world that is suffering and has been attacked, but is unfortunately not receiving media coverage.

As well as the heartbreaking acts of violence that have recently shook the world, we heard the news that the President of the United States, Mr Tango himself has withdrawn from the Paris Climate Agreement. As unfortunately unsurprising as this is, it is still very sad, and makes me worry even more so for the sake of our planet.

We cannot afford to be ignorant to Climate change, it is real and it is happening and anyone who tries to deny that is either incredibly naive or extremely narrow minded. We only get one planet and one life and we need to start treating both with the respect and love they deserve. We also can no longer be blind to the suffering of others, we cannot turn our back on people in pain just because they are not from western countries.

This week I have decided that whilst I cannot change the minds of others, I can change my outlook on life and accept responsibility for what I put out into the world, both for the environment and for humanity. It is time we all started behaving like decent humans, through actions no matter how small.

The earth is where we have come from and the earth is what we will become. If we destroy the planet then we are only destroying ourselves. 

I'm not 100% entirely sure what this post is, but I needed to get some things off my chest and this seemed the best way too.

Show Love.
Be Kind.
Change the World. 

Speak Soon
Char xx

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