Tuesday, 27 June 2017

This Week #11 & #12

I've opted to include two weeks together because I was enjoying such a nice weekend last week that I kind of just wanted to enjoy life without thinking to much about the internet and the blog world.

Last week I went to stay with one of my closest friends for a long weekend. On Saturday night I took her out on a surprise for her birthday. I took her to Alice Underground which is an immersive play adaption of Alice in Wonderland. I won't go into too much detail as I have a separate post planned to talk more about it. 

We enjoyed a lovely weekend of great food, brilliant company and a hell of a lot of exploring. We did some major London exploring which was so much fun. As she is studying and living in London we don't get to see each other that much, so it was really lovely to spend a long weekend together to have a proper catch up.

On Monday night I ventured to the Royal Albert Hall to go see Paramore perform. I went on my own which was a crazy experience in itself - again I have a separate post planned to talk more about this. They were so amazing and I had such a great time. However, I did not have a great time having to leave my friends house in London at 5:30am to get back to my town to go to work, because they wouldn't let me have it off as holiday. Sigh. 

The rest of my week has been a bit tainted to be honest. Work has been stressful, it's been really busy, we've been extremely over worked and understaffed. As every retail employee will relate to, we had an insane amount of rude customers this week, I even had a middle aged woman throw clothes at my face because I wouldn't let her try clothes on 5 minutes before the shop shut. Because y'know retail employees don't want to go home and enjoy their evenings, we just love to spend our evenings cleaning up your mess...  If you are a person who is rude to people who work in retail or restaurants then you are a twat, just saying.

This weekend has consisted of blogging, organising and resting. Does anyone find that when they have a busy weekend that they need to have a weekend of rest to counteract it? 

What's been the highlight of your week?
What are your plans for next week?

Speak Soon
Char xx 

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