Sunday, 11 June 2017

This Week #10

Boy, what a week it's been. First of all it would be impossible not to mention all the election drama that has taken place. I'm so proud of the young people of this country, we have all stepped up and have had our voices heard, and whilst it may not have been the result I wanted, I'm so pleased we could prove Theresa May and the Conservative government wrong that it would not be a landslide victory. I remain convinced that there will be another General Election, and if it does I am so ready to fight again. 

I finally dyed my hair back blonde this week, and I love it. It sounds stupid but I feel completely revitalised and like a whole new woman. As much as I love experimenting with different hairstyles, I will always return to blonde, as I am truly a blonde. I definitely feel now that I've got my mojo back and a whole new lease of confidence and I'm ready to take on the world.

In terms of actual goings on, this week has been pretty boring. It's kind of been a case of eat, sleep, work, repeat. I have a crazily busy week coming up which I'm sure will produce much more interesting content. 

Until then I'm going to continue having the laziest Sunday I've had in a while and enjoy countless cups of tea and the new series of Orange is the new black. Buzzing. 

What was the highlight of your week?
What are your plans for the week ahead?

Speak Soon
Char x 

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  1. Don't even with the election drama, I hate saying I'm done with politics but the result and the new coalition has made need a break from it all. How are you finding OITNB? I finished it two days ago and have many thoughts (lol!) xx


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