Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Spring Favourites.

This is kind of more of a January - April/End of 2016 favourites, but that would be a stupidly long title. I haven't done a favourites post for quite a while, but as always there will be a bit of everything.

I had been anticipating the release of Moana since I first heard about it. Obviously because it's Disney I was expecting big things, and I most certainly wasn't disappointed, it is cinematically beautiful! Major credit to the animators and the concept creators for making such a visually stunning animated film. The story is inspiring, EVERY song is amazing and so catchy which can be so rare. Since it has come out on DVD I have watched it over and over again.

I didn't really know much about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story before I went to see it, I thought it was a continuation of the current franchise and didn't realise it was a stand alone film that fitted into the earlier films so well. I don't want to give away any spoilers, but I thought it was so cleverly made to make it a credible individual film whilst being so well connected into the story. I love Felicity Jones and Diego Luna's characters as Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor, respectively. Their onscreen chemistry is brilliant and the whole cast's diversity and uniqueness make the film enjoyable, hilarious but also incredibly moving.

I have only just recently got round to watching Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I'd had concerns about how it would compare to Harry Potter but was so happy to find it's a completely stand alone story. I love that we got the perspective of Witches and Wizards in America, and thoroughly enjoyed the little tributes to the original franchise. Eddie Redmayne was the perfect Newt Scamander, I loved his performance so much, the way he interacted with all the magical creatures was brilliant. The highlight for me (probably unsurprisingly) was the fabulous Queenie Goldstein. I loved her look, the pink aesthetic was perfection. I also her loved her relationship with Jacob, I thought they were so cute together. I wasn't a massive fan of Tina's character but I can get over that. I found the whole film thoroughly enjoyable and can't wait for the second one.

Ed Sheeran's latest album Divide, is currently my go to playlist. It's such a catchy album, and I genuinely don't think there is a single song on it that I dislike, and that is extremely rare. 'Castle on the Hill' brings back so much nostalgia, having also grown up in a small town in the countryside, the words ring so true and bring back so many memories of getting drunk in fields and driving down country roads. 'Barcelona' is hands down my favourite song on the album, it's so bloody catchy and is perfect to sing and dance along to - literally have that one on repeat constantly. 

I'm gradually trying to change my makeup and cosmetic collection to become completely vegan and only use products not tested on animals. I've been finding it okay so far to find make up alternatives but I'd really been struggling to find perfumes. When I was at a Vegan fair recently I came across a stall selling the brand Eden Perfume; cruelty free, vegan dupes of branded perfumes. I purchased a 30ml bottle of the YSL Black Opium dupe for £12. I would thoroughly recommend this brand if you are looking to change perfumes, it smells exactly like Black Opium and for the price a little definitely goes a long way. I'm looking to try the Marc Jacobs Daisy dupe next.

Recently I've started adult Ballet classes as it's always been something I've been interested in but never quite got round to doing. I'm absolutely loving learning a new skill/hobby as an adult, and hopefully it will help me with my core strength, balance and hopefully enable me to finally be able to do the splits again. 

Slightly related but not intentionally, I've been obsessed with Tutu, tulle skirts. I think they are so beautiful, they look so flattering on and can be dressed up and dressed down. I like to pair mine with chunky boots and leather jackets to grunge them up a bit. I think they are so perfect for spring/summer weather, and you get to look like a princess whilst feeling so comfortable, who doesn't want that?

I have finally got sick of my pale and pasty arms and have rekindled my love for fake tan. My current favourite is Bondi Sands. I use the light/Medium self tanning foam, which I put on using a mitt, leave it on over night and wash it off in the morning. I find this fake tan so easy to use, it's got a really good coverage, so it's easy to tell if you've missed a patch or if there's a bit that's streaky. The colour this gives is a really nice natural glow, it's not orange in the slightest. This isn't the most cost friendly fake tan so I only tend to buy it when it's on offer in Boots or Superdrug, but I would thoroughly recommend giving this a go if you're looking to try a new fake tan.

What have you been loving this spring?
Do you have any products/items/activities that you would recommend?

Speak Soon
Char x 

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  1. Completely agree with all your film choices! Also adult ballet classes are defo something I cam going to get back into when I move home as I've done a bit at university and found I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Really good vegan perfume is the Library of Fragrance, they're cruelty free as well and have super unique scents

    Belle xx


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