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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 | Film Review

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'He said welcome to the freaking Guardians of the Galaxy, only he didn't use freaking.'

Guys it's here, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is finally here! This film has 100% been my most anticipated film of 2017 - sorry Beauty & the Beast & The Last Jedi. I literally ran to see this film as soon as possible when it came out, and then wanted to gather my thoughts and watch it again before I shared my review. 

When the first film came out back in 2014 I was in awe. I found it to be a refreshing change from the Marvel films that came before it and it quickly became my favourite Marvel film. The humour, the characters and the soundtrack were so spot on. I was instantly so excited to see how they would develop the franchise, although I did have slight concerns as to whether a sequel would live up to the first film. (It did.)

I love how they used this film to develop the characters and the dynamic of the group. One of the main themes throughout this film seems to be relationships, and how our whacky bunch deal with an all manner of relationships that they are not used to. One of the things that drew me to the first film was the mix of characters - a bunch of odd balls from all different situations, who don't really like each other but team up to save the world. I love how they have developed these characters and their relationships as well as adding in new characters for our Guardians to get to grips with. Some of the developments we witness are the relationships between Peter & his father, Peter & Gamora and Gamora & Nebula. All very different, which come with their own struggles and tensions.

I loved, loved, loved Rocket, Yondu & Nebula's character development. We are treated into an insight into the character's motivations and how they have turned out how they have and the inner turmoil that each are faced with when they are thrown face to face with situations and relationships that they don't know how to deal with emotionally. I also enjoy how we are given a taste of how Peter Quill could turn out, the kind ego(lol)tistical, cocky character has the potential for darkness and it is interesting to see what or who prevents that. And it's not who you think.

One of my favourite things about the first film was how funny it is, this film definitely follows suit and is on par comedy-wise. As always the one liners and pop culture references were absolutely on point: 'I'm Mary Poppins y'all.' I loved how literal Drax was in the first film, but I feel they slightly lost that for this one, but he was still incredibly funny. Rocket and Groot will forever be my favourite comedic duo in this film, their chemistry and banter just makes for comedy gold. For extra funny make sure you stick around during the credits to see the next Groot development.

The soundtrack was an absolute masterpiece, it had the perfect amount of 70's/80's nostalgia that the first one did. I have already downloaded it and added it to my GOTG playlist...yes I have one of them, is that weird?

Going into the film I read that people had found it a bit too long, and admittedly it is a very long film, but honestly I didn't notice it. I was having such a good time that I didn't even realise how far in it was.

Obviously this is what I wore to go see the film.
I hope you enjoyed my spoiler free thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. I would thoroughly recommend going to see it. Whether or not you are as an avid fan as I am I can guarantee you will leave feeling pretty good about life. It's a feel good film for all the family to enjoy, with some extra added depth and development for us Guardians' fans to sink our teeth into. I am already excited for the 3rd installment and to see them thrown into the world of The Avengers in Infinity War - now there is an opportunity for comedy gold.

Did you enjoy the film?
Who is your favourite Guardian?

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