Sunday, 30 April 2017

This Week #4

Happy Sunday Everyone! The middle of a long weekend for you lucky bastards that don't have to work Bank Holidays -- get me out of retail. 

I feel so unbelievably lethargic this morning, actually borderline hungover which considering the fact I didn't even have an alcoholic drink last night, let alone go out, seems very unfair. I fake tanned last night so at least I am tired AND bronzed (if not a bit patchy - hopefully that will fix itself when I wash it off). 

This week has been a bit of a quiet one, I started my new ballet class on Tuesday. The class we were going to was a bit too advanced for us and the other ladies in attendance were quite bitchy about stopping so we could actually learn something, so our teacher set up a beginners class for us. What a babe. I am loving doing ballet, it was something I always wanted to do as a child but never ended up doing. It's really nice to actually be able to take up a new hobby and learn new skills as an adult. 

Work has been an absolute ball ache, and I have literally felt like this video has been my life this week...though I would love to actually be able to respond like this to rude customers.

I managed to nab a ticket for Paramore in London this summer, which I'm so excited about and actually baffled about how I got one so easily. None of my friends wanted to go with me so I'm just going to bite the bullet and go on my own, it'll be an adventure, right?

To get me out of my tired slump I am going to neck a massive cup of coffee and catch up on my favourite programme at the moment, Girls. I can't believe it's the last series. 

What was the highlight of you week?
What are your plans for the upcoming week?

Speak Soon
Char x 

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  1. That top is so lovely!! And my week consists of the excitement of essays, and exam revision..wooo xxx


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