Sunday, 23 April 2017

This Week #3

This week has been a bit of an odd one, after a lot of overindulging during the Easter weekend, I don't think my body was feeling very grateful. To demonstrate this to me it decided to go into meltdown mode and left me in quite a bit of pain and discomfort - that I think is a story for another time.

I've had a few difficulties with work this week, which has left me feeling a bit fed up and exhausted, although tomorrow begins a new week I'm hoping things will have turned around a bit and I won't feel quite so frustrated with things.

Today I enjoyed a lovely brunch for my sisters birthday; Prosecco & food, what more could a girl need to cheer her up? Although I definitely don't think my body appreciated the alcohol going into my body, it quickly decided that it didn't want too much of that.

The rest of my Sunday is going to be spent doing as little as possible. I'm thinking maybe a Disney film or a Netflix catch up, a cup of tea & left over Easter chocolate, and a very early night.

How has your week been?
What have you got planned for the upcoming week?

Speak Soon
Char x

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  1. I hope this week gets better for you. After a look weekend (and an excess of chocolate), it can be hard to get back into a routine. Last was definitely a crappy one, but it motivates me to make this one much better.

    Aycan - Little White Socks x


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