Sunday, 16 April 2017

This Week #2

This week has felt like it's dragged on for years, whilst everyone else I know was filled with excitement over a 4 day weekend, I was reminded of the joys of working in retail during half term. Busy, busy, busy. 

The weekend finally arrived and I overindulged in prosecco and scored the winning shot in beer pong all in celebration of my sisters 25th birthday! Yesterday became the most wasted day as I woke to be greeted by the mother of all hangovers; note to self: don't drink alcohol on an empty stomach. Thankfully I had the recently delivered Rogue One DVD to keep me company, (how good is that film?!) although in my fragile state the emotions may have got the better of me.

It felt so nice to wake up this morning without a pounding headache and to feel like a normal person again. Today I am off for an Easter lunch with the extended family and then hopefully spend the afternoon in a food/chocolate coma. Then it's back to work tomorrow, the weekends never last as long as they should, sigh. 

How have you enjoyed your long (or not long) weekend?
What are your plans for the upcoming week?

Speak Soon

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  1. This week for me as been a crazy mix of essays and lying about with my cats haha! Wild life I lead....x


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