Sunday, 5 March 2017

Nice 'N Easy | Natural Dark Brown

I transitioned from blonde to brunette back in October and have only just realised that I never did a post showing you guys what colour I went or how I did it. Considering that Hair dye posts seem to be my most popular I thought I would belatedly tell you all about it.

Before I dyed my hair brown I had the faded out remnants of my Harley Quinn hair, so I knew I'd have to do something pretty drastic to get rid of the blue from the ends. As autumn was approaching I thought it would be the perfect time to give dark hair a go, since I hadn't been brunette since I was 17. With a drastic colour change came a drastic style change I cut off half the length (which at that point was pure dead hair - don't wait 2 years for a hair cut!) and got a fringe. 


As you can see my hair was quite a bright bleached blonde, thanks a lot South American sunshine, and as a result was quite frazzled. 

Obviously I did not cut my hair myself, I definitely do not have that level of skill or steady enough hands to not botch up a fringe. I did however dye my hair myself, the colour I used was Nice'n Easy in 4 (former 120) Natural Dark Brown. 

I've always been a fan of Nice'n Easy hair dyes, they're cost effective, easy to use and aren't that damaging to your hair. I also find them to be a pretty perfect match colour wise. 

I left my hair dye on for an extra 5 minutes than what it said on the instructions, just because I wanted the colour to be especially dark. 


I am still so happy with how the colour came out, it's the perfect deep brown, but not too dark that it washes me out, which is a problem I've had with dark shades in the past. 

I would thoroughly recommend this colour for anyone looking to try something a bit different, or even as just a top up for already brunette hair. 

Have you tried this colour?
What's your hair dye recommendations?


  1. Love the dark hair! I recently covered up my bleached hair with a more natural blonde (light brown/ dirty blonde) and it worked well except that now (a few weeks later) it has washed out a bit!
    Would love to be so brave to get a fringe like yours 🙈 x

    1. Thank you so much! Yeah hair can be a tricky one, can't it? Honestly? go for it! They grow out quite quickly if you decide you hate it, and they aren't as much of a nightmare to maintain as they seem! I think it would suit you :) xx

  2. Your hairstyle and brunette hair colour are gorgeous! I love the brunette colour you achieved using the Nice'n Easy in 4 Natural Dark Brown hair dye!

    1. Thank you! :) I'm really happy with how the colour turned out and what the colour has faded into now. xx


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