Wednesday, 11 January 2017

How to be motivated when you're lazy.

I know I am not the only person who feels well in need of a new year detox, after the amount of food and alcohol I've consumed over the past month I am definitely not feeling my best. You all know that post-Christmas podge/generally feeling bloated and sluggish situation? I'm sure we can all agree that its shit.

I've been desperately trying to make myself eat better and move more and I just can't, I have no motivation whatsoever. I'm certain I'm not the only one who feels this way, so I thought I'd share my old tried and tested tips which have worked in the past to maybe help anyone out there who's struggling; but let's be honest it's mostly to try and get my own act together.

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1. List & Plan.
It doesn't matter what aspect of my life it is if I need to organise my life I make lists so I can see what I need to do, rather than a bunch of crazy thoughts zipping around my head. I find making a meal plan for the week means that I'm more likely to keep on top of things. I also think it's a lot more cost effective, as it means you can bulk buy items rather than having to worry or pick things up day to day. 

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2.  Food Prep. This ties in to the making meal plans, I find it so much easier to eat well if I prepare food the night before, especially when it comes to eating lunch at work, it's so easy to run to the shop and pick up a sandwich or chocolate bar but if you prepare something the night before it means you have a hassle free ready made healthy lunch to enjoy. 

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3. Move & Grove. Obviously we all know that exercise is essential to weight loss or toning up but it can be so hard to find the right one for you. What works for one person may not work for another, personally I love to run or dance, but I know so many people despise running. Just as long as you are up and moving its amazing, even if it starts as going for a walk and then develops into a run, something is always better than nothing,

4. Stalk & Share. I love stalking people on social media, looking at progress pics on Instagram, finding fitness tutorials on YouTube or drooling over recipe posts on Pinterest, you name it I do it. I think it's so positive to look at what others are doing and get inspired. My favourite Fitness YouTuber at the moment is Carly Rowena.  If you don't already follow her, check her out, she's awesome.

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5. Be Patient. It may sound obvious but it's so important to remember that results don't happen overnight, it's all about progress. Setting small achievable goals are an amazing way to keep motivated to help you eventually achieve the bigger ones. 

I hope you found this helpful, I won't lie I already feel slightly more motivated. Obviously I'm not qualified in any way to properly give advice on this topic, these are just the things that work for me.

What are your motivation tips and tricks?

Speak Soon
Charlotte xx 

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