Sunday, 18 September 2016

This Week #6

It's called a hustle, sweethear - I'm obsessed with Zootropolis | I am Chandler Bing | FOTD | Princess Jasmine is perfect.
I'm writing this as a hungover mess, underneath my duvet watching Disney films and reminiscing of a time when I didn't feel so gross. Last night I met up with a friend from school for some drinks and then we attended a charity gig that another one of my friends organised. It ended up getting quite messy. The rest of the week dragged by as work seemed to go on forever, however I remain grateful that I don't have to work weekends which in retail is a miracle. I've been playing around with my makeup a lot this week and found a few new looks that I'm really happy with which will hopefully appear soon as blog posts. I watched Zootropolis for the millionth time, I'm still as obsessed with this film as when it first came out. The message, the characters, the jokes - all perfect. I've got more plans for this coming week so hopefully next weeks post will be a bit more exciting.

For now I am going back to watching Wreck it Ralph and hiding in my duvet until there is a roast dinner ready for me.

How has your week been?
What are your plans for next week?

Speak Soon
Charlotte xx

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