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Loner, Loser & Complicated Wreck | Single in Your 20's & Why It's Not That Great

There are countless Buzzfeed articles explaining how being single in your 20's are the best years of your life. They describe the joys of flirtatious multi messaging, first date fiascoes and mind blowing one night stands. As as a single 23 year old I can tell you it's far from glamorous - I'm writing this in my pj's with chocolate all down me for Christ sake. Whilst we all like to think we are strong independent women who don't need no man/woman, it's time to break some single girl myths.

1.  Awkward First Dates.

Anyone who doesn't think first dates are awkward are either lying, delusional or very very lucky. There are so many what ifs? whens? and whats? From awkward small talk, to getting too drunk and making a fool of yourself. My biggest nightmare is eating a meal on a first date, I suddenly get so awkward and uncomfortable about my eating habits let alone the other persons eating habits. The most awkward of all first date etiquette - the first kiss. There's nothing worse than not knowing each others kissing styles. My most awkward first date experience remains going in for a snog with someone who is going in for a cheek kiss. I'll let you imagine how well that went down. 

2.  The Dreaded Plus One.

There is nothing more depressing than being invited to an event and being offered a plus one but turning up alone, in fact I lie, there is - turning up alone to be the only single one in attendance. Especially when all your friends are all there with their partners having a great time being all loved up. Yuck. 

3. Movie nights & gigs for one.

This for me is the worst, there are always so many bands, shows or gigs I want to go to, but going solo is not always the most appealing option and most of the time friends are busy, or not interested. Movie trips for one can get pretty tiring, especially when you end up bumping into everyone you went to school with. Someone share a popcorn with me goddamnit.

4. Getting used to your own disgustingness.

When you don't have to see a significant other on a regular basis it is quite easy to let yourself go and become a downright minger. Lets be honest who among us can say that we've not gone a few weeks (*cough* months *cough*) without shaving their legs, especially in the winter months. 

5. Why are you single/ when are you going to bring someone home?

Friends, parents, grandparents, even your next door neighbour wants to know why you haven't brought  a new interrogation victim round in a while. 

6. Wondering if you are completely repulsive/ unattractive or unappealing 

The longer the days go by the more the self doubt begins, am I the ugliest human in the world? Am I completely boring? Does the sight of me make everyone nauseous?  Of course this is all just paranoia and in reality everyone goes through dry spells, but it does make the imagination boggle.

7.The quarter life countdown crisis.

Wondering how long you'll be single for, whether or not it will be for a couple of months or the rest of your life. Plenty of dramatic thoughts swirl in your mind about how these are the best years of your life and that you will never be as funny, witty or as attractive as you are now. The answer is obvious: the whole world is blind because I am a catch.

Despite there being many major flaws to being single there are plenty of perks, including my personal favourite: not having to share a bed - starfish all the time. Contrary to how this sounds I am actually quite comfortable being single and not as bitter as I sound.

What do you hate/like most about being single?
If you are in a relationship, is there any aspect of being single that you miss?

Speak Soon
Charlotte xx

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