Friday, 14 August 2015


Who remembers these guys?

A week or so a go there was a brilliant hashtag trending on twitter; #GrowingUpEmo. The tweets I read were absolutely spot on and made me feel ever so nostalgic so I thought I would share with you, the memories and the things I miss about being an 'emo' pre-teen/teenager. 

1. Emo Bands. My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco; to name a few. 

2. That tiny corner in Claire's accessories. Far too much pocket money was spent in there on fingerless gloves, studded belts & ridiculous amounts of bracelets. 

3. Stargazer Makeup. Probably slightly more 'scene' but you couldn't be without neon stargazer makeup to recreate Gerard Way's signature red eyeliner look. Though pink and green were a personal favourite of mine for a brief time -- one colour on each eye; shocking.

Images all found online.

4. The blue tac stains on my walls. A permanent reminder of the band posters from the pages of kerrang that were stuck on there.

3. Gerard Way. Pretty much the emo poster boy.

4. Hoodies with cat ears & piercings.  Why? Just Why?

5. Panda Eyes. The darker and thicker the better. Bonus points if you put your eye makeup on and then rub your eyes.

6. Getting sent to the nurse daily to take off makeup and nail varnish. And never quite making it there.

7. The fringe. Because who needs to see when we got that amazing hair do 

8. Writing Lyrics EVERYWHERE. Homework diaries, converse, hands, walls. You name it. 

9. The Pain of wearing black in summer but refusing to wear colour. Or anything not long sleeved.

10. Fingerless Gloves. If they were stripey then even better! (My gran once knitted me a pair of stripey fingerless gloves for winter, still dedicated even in the snow)

11. Being heartbroken because there were no fit emo boys in my school. The chavs definitely did not cut it. 

12. The struggle of not being allowed to cut my own hair or dye it black. And being unbelievably grateful now. 


14. The standard Myspace photo pose. The above shot, the angry pout and the peace sign by the eyes were all classics. 

15. Hating my parents because we lived in England and didn't have hot topic. 

16. 'Rawr means I love you in dinosaur' and many other weird quotes including: 'I'm not dead I only dress that way' LOL

17. Nightmare before Christmas was life.

18. Being disgusted when you got referred to as a goth.

19. People's genuine concern that you worship Satan. 

20. Despite now being  in your 20's still not being okay with the fact My Chemical Romance split up.  Why??

This definitely brought back some interesting memories and the twitter tag definitely gave me a good laugh reminiscing about my teen days.

Can anyone relate to this post?
Whats the funniest/most embarrassing memories of your teenage years?

Speak Soon
Charlotte xx

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