Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Like a Girl.

I recently saw the full length Always #LikeAGirl advert and it really struck a chord with me, I'd seen the shorter version on telly before and thought it was a good advert, but it wasn't until I watched the whole version that I realised what a powerful message it holds.

It would be better for you to just watch it than for me to try and explain, because if you haven't realised by now I'm pretty shit bad at explaining things.  

To sum it up, a group of teens/young adults are asked to act out certain things 'like a girl' and they're responses are to act out the stereotypical responses that we all know, the same question is asked of a group of younger girls and they carry out the commands as they themselves would do so in regular situations. 

After watching this the term 'like a girl' really stuck in my head and made me realise how negative the connotations are that come with that phrase. Its seen as something demeaning and embarrassing to do something like a girl. How messed up is that?!

The fact that this term is used so flippantly is awful, and I'm ashamed to admit its a phrase I myself have uttered far too often, but that is because as a society it has been drilled into our subconscious. This idea that doing something like a girl is less than best.

This campaign strives to change the way we see this term and turn it into something positive.

One of the lines in the advert states:

'I kick like a girl, and I swim like a girl, and I walk like a girl, and I wake up in the morning… like a girl. Because I am a girl, and that is not something that I should be ashamed of.' 

I am not ashamed of being a girl or doing anything like a girl, and we shouldn't be taught by society that because we are female the way we do things is inferior.

We should all embrace who we are and celebrate the way we do things rather than be ashamed of who we are.

Ladies, lets carry on doing what we do, like a girl 

Speak Soon
Charlotte xx

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