Saturday, 8 November 2014

Whats made me happy this week?

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1. Overtime. Grateful for the hours & the money.

2. Autumn. My favourite season for so many reasons.

3. Fresh air.

4. Good hair days. 

5. Hearing something that really makes you happy.

6. Getting back into fitness for the first time since the half marathon. 

7. White chocolate blondies.

8. Personal developments.

9. Cheesecake.

10. The smell of bonfires. 

Whats made you happy this week?

Speak Soon
Charlotte xx


  1. So many of these things are applicable to me! Lovely things to be happy about :)

  2. getting back into fitness is definitely something that we've been trying to do. This week the warm Spring weather in Australia, finally chipping away at our long list of to read books and blogging have all made us VERY happy!!

    M + K

  3. I kept up with my workout routine this week, which made me quite happy. Lovely post! I really enjoy reading posts that reflect on the positives!! :)


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