Friday, 14 February 2014

What's made me happy this week?

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1. 'Proper' Popcorn. Oh my goodness this is the most addictive snack ever!

2. Miley's & Beyonce's new albums!

3. Finally fitting into the playsuit I've had for years but have never been able to squeeze myself into! Such a happy moment.

4. Instagram. @hobbitshairdye if you're interested.

5. White Chocolate Kinder Buenos

6. My new Pickachu onesie! Its officially the best thing I own!

7. Sex and the City. Always a classic TV show.

8. Bagels & Nutella.

9. Coming home for a week. It couldn't be better timing either as I'm ill! Theres nothing better than home comforts when your feeling poorly.

10. Although it didn't actually make me happy -- 12 Years A Slave. Finally got to see it & its safe to say I've never cried that much in my life! Such an intense, emotional & amazing film!

What's made you happy this week?

Speak Soon
Charlotte xx

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  1. Aah, congratulations on fitting into that playsuit - such an amazing feeling when you can fit into clothes that have been out of reach for ages! And I've been consuming a lot of nutella recently too! Perfect for cuddling up in bed with when the weather has been this horrid x

    Hannah @ Cutes and Fruits


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