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Film Review | The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

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I've done my best to avoid any major spoilers, but to be on the safe side if you've not seen the film (or read the book) and don't want anything to be ruined then maybe avoid reading this review until you have. 


Attempting to recover from the aftermath of their first Hunger Games, Katniss & Peeta must struggle with the announcement that they must both re-enter the arena, this time with a twist, against fellow victors. The game is on and the struggle to survive will be even greater, a stroke of very bad luck or a plot by the Capitol to put out the Girl on Fire for good?

What I liked

I really liked how close it was to the book, having really enjoyed the book I did worry about how much of the same things would be featured and how similar it would be, and I really think it did the book justice. Which is always a very brilliant thing! If you've seen the film & loved it, read the book -- I guarantee you'll love it too. 

THAT dress scene! if you've seen the film, you know the one, if not then I'll leave you to figure it out! 

I really like that we get to see a different dimension to Katniss, in the first one we got to see kick arse, girl power Katniss, in this we get to see her more stripped back and much more emotionally vulnerable,  despite still being a badass, we get to see her emotional side and it shows how much everything is affecting her! This shows a huge development for the character and makes her much more realistic and relatable (obviously not exactly) but it shows not even fictional characters can be strong all the time. Jennifer Lawrence of course gave a brilliant performance, as always, she really brings the character life and her performance is what makes the character of Katniss loveable and relatable. 

What I didn't like

Peeta. I know this isn't just down to the film, I just don't like the character, I just find him to be a bit of a drip and I don't quite get the way people root for him. I don't like the relationship between the two, I'd 100% go for Gale if I was Katniss. Just saying!

THAT scene in District 11! Too emotional & I had to hold back the sobs in the cinema.

So didn't really need to worry about giving too much away did I! Basically I really enjoyed it & now I'm very excited for the last segment to come out.

Have you seen Catching Fire? Your Thoughts?
Have you read the book? How do you think it compared?

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  1. Noooooo, I totally love Peeta!! I didn't in the first but I completely fell for him in this - I actually feel the way that you do about Peeta about Gale, I really don't like how character!

    I really loved the movie - I watched it the first week it came out in Imax (keen!!) and I'd definitely see it again. Jennifer Lawrence is absolutely fantastic, as ever (I don't get the dress scene thing though, but I think that's just me!!) - such a fabulous actress and role model :)


    1. I most definitely meant his character, not how. Whoops!!!

  2. i didn't like the scene in district 11 either.. really shocking! but i loved the film overall and jennifer lawrence is my girl crush haha

    love Katy @ THE RAWRDROBE


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