Thursday, 5 December 2013

What's made me happy this week?

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1. Its December! Woo! Christmas is oh so soon & I feel so festive!

2. Salmon, Rice & Peas, my favourite dinner to make/eat at the moment! yummy! (Its nicer than it sounds)

3. I had my first mulled wine of the season this week, off to a good start! Plenty more to come I hope!

4. Advent Calendar Choccy. A controversial one I know -- I just love the taste so much.

5. I go home for Christmas in less than 10 days! I'm so excited for festive fun in the countryside!

6. My Mulled Cider - Village Candle, it smells incredible (just like christmas in case you couldn't guess that already).

7. Vlogmas! I love that so many youtubers are doing Vlogmas this year, I'm so nosy so I love watching vlogs anyway but when they involve festive fun its so much better!

8. Orchids! My favourite flowers ever & I now officially own one! Too happy!

9. Christmas Shopping. Not necessarily even the buying of presents, I just love going around town at this time of year, everything feels so festive.

10. My 21st Birthday was so much better than I ever could have hoped it to be, my housemates spoiled me rotten & I even got a surprise visit from my best friend! A lot of tears were shed! So excited to go out for cocktails tonight for extended celebrations. Prepare for a blog post all about it tomorrow! 

Whats made you happy this week?

Speak Soon
Charlotte xx

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