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I Heart Winter TAG

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I love a good festive Tag I do! Winter is definitely my favourite time of the year (Autumn is in close second) I love everything about it, so doing a Tag about how much I love it seemed only fitting! I don't remember who I found it from…sorry!

Top two winter beauty essentials?

Moisturiser & Lipsticks. My skin takes an absolute beating during the winter months, what with the rain and the wind and all that, so I think its very important to do my best to keep it hydrated and soft.
Lipsticks for me, shine at christmas time (hehe a rhyme) I love getting to wear dark colours on my lips and feel like winter is the best time to do so, I definitely do my best to get the most out of it.

Top 2 winter fashion essentials?

Since I change my mind on what clothes I like so regularly these are two of the most boring BUT necessary things I could think of: Hats & Tights. Hats keep my head warm & tights keep my legs warm! I'm very practical in that sense and then I tend to style my outfits around these things.

What shoes do you tend to wear the most in the winter?

Boots. Any form of boot! At the moment I'm particularly loving longer boots & ankle boots with a slight heel, it means I can wear them for smart occasions too without having to wear actual heels…and they make me look taller which is always a plus!

Favourite Winter Accessory

The same as my fashion essential: hats. I just love them so much. Beanie hats & bowler hats are my absolute favourites at the moment. I just think that hats are very stylish and also keep my head warm, and cover up bad hair days, a winner all around I think.

Favourite Winter Nail Polish

I can't really say a particular nail polish, as I so often change my mind! I do tend to go for darker, more vampy colours or nudes/beiges!

Hot Cocoa or Apple Cider?

Hot Chocolate, all the way! To be fair I've never tried apple cider in the way I think this question means, and I'm sure its lovely! But its not winter/christmas without hot chocolate! With all the bits on the side, we're talking marshmallows, squirty cream & a big sprinkling of cinnamon.. ooh lovely!

Favourite Winter Candle?

Ah too many to choose from, I am loving Christmas Eve from Yankee Candle at the moment! 

Snowboarding or Skiing?

Skiing! I do really want to try Snowboarding though, but I started skiing years ago, so its something I'm much more competent with.

Have you ever gone ice skating? Are you any good or do you FAIL miserably?

I'm not shockingly bad, like Bambi on ice bad, but I'm by no means going to be trying out for Dancing on Ice any time soon. The last time I went Ice Skating, one of my friends had a bad accident, so I think its spooked me a bit!

Does it snow where you live?

Yes! I do love it when it snows where I live, because its the countryside I feel like everything in the snow looks beautiful! But it does make it so much of a hassle to get anywhere when its been snowing considering its such a small town.

Have you ever made a snowman?

Yes of course, this is the one me & my best friend made on one of the many snow days we had when we were younger! We named him Lenny I do believe.

Lenny the Snowman! 

What holiday do you celebrate?

Christmas!!! :)

Favourite Christmas/Holiday song?

Ahhh I don't know!! My mind changes constantly on this!
I love Christmas (baby please come home) - Michael Buble & Warm this Winter - Gabriella Cilmi

Favourite Christmas/Holiday movie?

The Santa Clause & A Muppets Christmas carol will always be my all time favourites!

What is your favourite winter treat? (candy cane, gingerbread, etc…)

I do love Gingerbread men, they are delicious! 

If you were to ask Santa for one things and you were guaranteed to get it, what would it be? (even if you don't celebrate Christmas)

I would love a jazzy DSLR Camera, but I know I won't be getting one!

Do you have anything fun planned for this winter

Just spending time with the friends & family really! :)

Favourite Winter Drink?

Hot Chocolate! I'm loving Costa's Honeycomb one & their black forest one!
I'm also a big fan of Mulled Wine & Snowballs!

Favourite Winter Memory?

Anything involving Christmas as a child is a brilliant memory, I can't think of anything that really stands out over all though.

Do you like the cold?

I do actually, I'm naturally very hot ( wheeeey ;) ... not like that) so when its cold outside added to my regular body heat makes me comfortable! I have been known to leave the house in minus degrees with no coat & once when I was a child I played in the snow in shorts and a t-shirt…Greeeaaat parenting mum haha! So yeah cold for me is good, summer pretty much destroys me!

Favourite part about winter?

Since I've been at University I really love coming home, back to the countryside, seeing all my friends & family and just feeling generally festive! Of course I love Christmas & Snow and all that, but i do love coming home & getting to spend time with all the people who are special to me! 

I TAG everyone reading this to have a go?
Two Sleeps 'til Christmas! :) 
Is everyone excited?

Speak Soon
Charlotte xx

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  1. I totally agree it is not Christmas without hot chocolate and a sprinkling of cinnamon, possibly the best drink!

    I hope you feel better soon... Have a wonderful Christmas!!

    Georgie xx

    The Blonde Galaxy


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