Friday, 15 November 2013

What's made me happy this week?

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1. The fact that the #lbloggers chat this week was all things Christmas related, its made me even more excited than I already was & I didn't even know that was possible.

2. Costa's Christmas Cups & The delicious Black forest hot chocolate I had in it! Yummy!

3. Christmas bedding. Reindeers on bed sheets automatically makes life better!

4. The two hour phone call last night with my best friend reminiscing school days! Nostalgia all around!

5. Lush Hauls. Watching them is becoming my obsession & is making me very excited to go home for christmas where I'll have access to a bath! I'm going to go Lush Loco!

6. Long Socks! So comfy!

7. Boys Jumpers, so much comfier than girls jumpers I don't know why but they are. 

8. Starting my Christmas shopping, I'm getting more & more organised each year -- does this mean I'm becoming a grown up??

9. Bourbons! I love a good bourbon biccy & a cup of tea!

10. Singing In The Rain. Such a good film -- if you've not seen it do so immediately! 

Whats made you happy this week?

Speak Soon
Charlotte xx 


  1. Amazing, such a gorgeous cute post! xxx

  2. That #lbloggers chat made my week too! Lovely post xxx

  3. Amen to men's jumpers being comfier than women's. Actually, all men's clothes in general are the absolute bomb! I steal Jason's at every opportunity ;)

  4. You have Christmas bedding?! That is the coolest, I'm definitely heading out to hunt for some this week.

  5. This sounds like my own list! I have yet to have a red cup from costa but once payday comes around I am going to try each and every one of them ;) I so want some christmas bedding's a shame it's only once a year!

    Thanks for sending me your blog link :) xxx


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