Wednesday, 6 November 2013

5th Of November.

I love bonfire night! Everything about it appeals to me: the fireworks, the food, the excuse to dress up all toasty & drink hot chocolate! Bonfire night just screams Autumn to me (and we all know how much I love Autumn). Last year I talked about how despite having low expectations of bonfire night - due to not being at home to carry out previous traditions - I had a great time! The only thing that was slightly disappointing last year was that we didn't actually get to see any fireworks. 

This year we decided that we'd go on an adventure & find some fireworks, so after our lecture yesterday we jumped on a train & went on a hunt to find a display! The display itself was a lot better than we initially thought it would be, there were plenty of oohs and ahhs to be heard. 

I thought I would share with you some snaps from the evening, the firework pictures turned out kind of cool I think! The whole evening was amazing & will be another fond memory of our time at university. The only thing that wasn't great was the hot chocolate I bought which I can only describe as tasting & looking like muddy water. icky! 

What did you do for bonfire night?
Are you a fan of fireworks?
& the most important question: is it now acceptable to get excited for christmas?

Speak Soon
Charlotte xx


  1. The display looks amazing, xoxo.

  2. These fireworks look so good! I didn't do anything for bonfire night this year, wishing I had now.

    Followed your blog after our wee #lbloggers candle chat :)
    Christy x

    Another Weekend Without Make-up

  3. Fabulous photographs!
    I love bonfire too, although my city didn't do a firework display until the weekend after bonfire so had to wait for my fix!

  4. Love the fireworks shot/ Fab camera u have :)



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