Thursday, 31 October 2013

What's made me happy this week?

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1. Today's the day. Its Halloween! Muah ha ha ha! 

2. Macaroons. So freaking tasty, I really need to figure out how to make them myself.

3. I finally got my hands on my perfect birthday playsuit -- now I can turn 21 in style (kinda). 

4. Home. I love being home so much even if it is just for the week.

5. Hocus Pocus & Halloween Town -- best halloween movies EVER & they just reek of nostalgia.

6. Pinterest. I'm so addicted its ridiculous! My link is here if you want to take a peek. If your on Pinterest too link me up below & I'll have a look, because I'm nosy! :)

7. The Countryside. Autumn/Winter is always so much nicer in the countryside, sorry city folks! 

8. Primark PJs. I don't think you can getter Pyjamas anywhere else.

9. Ripper Street. So glad this show is back, its so good! 

10. GTA (Grand Theft Auto). I 100% blame my brother for this! What can I say I just love killing the hoes (no hoes were harmed in the making of this post). 

What's made you happy this week?
& I wish you all a very happy halloween! 

Speak Soon
Charlotte xx

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