Wednesday, 9 October 2013

My Top Films Of 2013 | Part One.

You may recall a post of mine in which I shared with you some of my top albums of 2013, if you haven't seen that particular post then you can read it here. 

I've been meaning to do a version of that post dedicated to films, as I am a bit of a self confessed cinema nerd, so I'm finally getting round to sharing it with you. The films mentioned are all films that I watched in the cinema in 2013 & are all before the end of summer - watch out for part two at the end of the year.

Iron Man 3 | For me this was such a highly anticipated film, I love everything superhero especially anything Iron Man. After the 'Avengers Assemble' recent release I was even more excited to get my Tony Stark fix. For me the film completely lived up to & surpassed my expectations. I loved seeing Pepper Potts in a bad ass role towards the end of the film & Robert Downey Jr is such a beautiful fellow! What more needs to be said?! Great film!

Wreck-It- Ralph | It feels like this film has been out for aaaaages! I guess thats how long I've been meaning to write this post! I loved this film so much, a brilliantly animated, heart warming film for the entire family! I did a more in depth review about it when it came out, which you can read here. Its definitely a film you should add to your collection, for days when your feeling a bit down!

Les Miserables | Oh Les Mis! This one another highly anticipated film for me, especially since I saw it like two months later than every one else! Brilliant performances from all of the cast, I still have the songs in my head on a regular basis - and every time I watch it I become more desperate to see the stage day! (gettit? ;) kind of?) A perfect film for those days when I want to sing & cry at the same time, yes those do happen! I also did a review on this film, click here to read that. 

Despicable Me 2 | Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant! Its like the makers knew what was so amazing in the first film & encorporated it all into the second! Such a funny film & so so quotable! A brilliant watch for both young'uns & adults alike. 

Monsters University | I think all people my age & similar were so excited about this film, having grown up with Monsters Inc. I felt that this franchise was so connected to my childhood, although it worried me that it wouldn't have the same feel as Monsters Inc. did & so wouldn't have been as good...I was wrong! It was a brilliant film with a clever idea of how to bring the two stories together for the old viewers & the new! It was brilliant to see all our favourite monsters back on the screen!

 So these are my top films that I saw in the cinema during early - mid 2013! Did you see any of these in the cinema? What did you think?
What were your top cinema picks from earlier this year?
Keep your eyes peeled for the follow up post to this at the end of the year!

Speak Soon
Charlotte xx

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