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Autumn Tag.

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In case it wasn't obvious enough already I love Autumn. This time of year makes me so happy. As around this time last year I did the I heart Autumn/Fall Tag I really wanted to do another Autumn post, but didn't want to do the same one as not that much has changed -- what can I say I'm boring!

I saw this post on A Scottish Lass's Blog and thought I'd give it a whirl myself.

Favourite thing about Autumn.

I love the colours, I find that everything looks so much more beautiful in Autumn & I really enjoy the weather -- its not hot anymore thank goodness but its not numbingly cold! I just love that its the perfect time of the year to be outdoorsy. Growing up in the countryside I was always an outdoorsy girl and going on autumnal walks is just one of the most relaxing past times ever! Plus Halloween! I'm a massive sucker for Halloween & genuinely think both Autumn and Halloween are vastly underrated in this country. Boo!

Favourite drink.

I'm really boring and don't really go to Starbucks or Costa and I'm not really a big fan of coffee so I can't say some super duper latte thing! Just going to have to stick with traditional hot chocolate! Hot Chocolate with cinnamon is just the ultimate festive delight for me & I will be drinking it ALOT this Autumn/Winter

Favourite scent/candle.

Spiced Pumpkin - Village Candle
Autumn Leaves - Yankee Candle
Witches Brew - Yankee Candle

They all have the different aspects/scents that I really associate with this time of the year.

Best Lipstick.

Tough tough choices as I use quite a few this time of year, In terms of use & colour its got to be Rimmel Kate Moss - 107! Its the perfect Autumn/Winter shade.

Go to moisturiser.

I'll confess now, I'm really bad at moisturising, but when Im having a miracle day I use Soap & Glory Righteous Body Butter for my body & a Benefit moisturiser for my face.

Go to colour for eyes.

Neautral colours. Browns, Golds, nudes! My classic look is a smokey brown eye make up, black winged liner or black smokey eyes! & that doesnt really change much. I'm not very adventurous with my eye make up.

Favourite music to listen to.

Although I'd say in general I'm a bit more of a rocky girl, I do love listening to very chilled out music this time of year, especially when going on an autumnal walk. I cant really give specific examples, if I hear something and like it I'll listen to it.

Favourite outfit.

Casual: Jeans, a shirt/plain top, Long boots & a coat or leather jacket.

Smart: A simple smart dress, black tight, creepers & leather jacket or coat.

I tend to mix it up around those basic ideas.

Autumn treat.

The past three years a real autumn treat has been getting to go home for a week in october, at university we have a reading week at the end of October. As I mentioned before -- unless you've fallen asleep -- Im a country girl at heart, so there is nothing i love more than getting to go back to the country side for a little bit at this time of year, I'm also always home for halloween which I love because it just reminds me of my childhood.

Favourite place to be.


I challenge all of you to do this! 
If you do then please link it below -- I'm nosy & love autumn so makes great reading for me.

Speak Soon
Charlotte xx


  1. Just found you on Twitter through #lbloggers. I love Autumn too and like you I'm a huge fan of Halloween. I just wish that we made more of a deal with it over here like they do in America. Maybe we should try & change that :) xx

  2. You can't go wrong with a good old hot chocolate!

    And there's something so satisfying about trampling across the countyside in windswept weather for a walk that your parent have forced you on, then to come home into the warm.

    Hmm maybe...

  3. that picture looks so yummy, i think I'm going to have to go make hot cocoa now! xx

  4. I do like all the colours of Autumn, the leaves changing from green to yellows, oranges and flame reds are quite the sight to behold :) x

  5. Oooh this is a lovely tag! I think I will try it out for myself tomorrow!

    Emma | DollfaceBlogs xo


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