Monday, 14 October 2013

A Mundane Sunday.

Nothing beats a Grandma Roast Dinner. 

I'm writing this at 00:16 so technically this is a mundane Monday but lets not be pedantic. 

I just thought I'd share with you the unenventful day I've don't get me wrong I am fully aware Sundays are meant to be uneventful, they are a day of rest after all. But I'm sure many of you spent yours cuddled up watching films, telly etc. enjoying a yummy roast dinner in your lives. This is the kind of Sunday I wish I was talking about.

My Sunday is consisting of writing a presentation for tomorrow which I've been putting off for the whole week. typical. Of course when I say writing a presentation I mean procrastinating writing it. I can now say at quarter past midnight that it is finally finished & now I can only hope that is  comprehensible and that I don't stutter over my words. 

Although its been a bit lame, this Sunday has given me a revelation, if I wasn't aware of it already I certainly am now -- I am a middle aged woman trapped in a twenty year olds body! This evening on my 'work break' I made myself a miniature roast dinner (nowhere near as good as home roast dinners) & I enjoyed the Sunday night viewings of Countryfile & the Strictly results. Now I am in no way embarrassed by this, but my housemates were given a surprise when they came downstairs to see me engrossed by apple pressing on the telly (Which is something I want to do by the way!) 

This is the thrilling life I lead in case you were ever wondering
What did you get up to this week?
Do you have any middle age tendencies? If so please share them with me.

Speak Soon
Charlotte xx

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