Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Loreal Paris Super Liner | Review.

Ignore the horrible lighting, it was a long ol battle to get this!

Recently I decided to step out of my comfort zone & buy a brand new liquid eyeliner, I live a thrilling life I know! Having already tried a gel one & the brush ones I thought I should try one of the pen types. Loreal Paris' 'Super Liner' stood out to me, I'd seen the advert on telly & thought that it might be worth a go.

On first impressions I was impressed, it seemed to do what it said on the packaging: "Slim felt eyeliner, precise & intense line." It did indeed offer a precise line, out of all the liquid liners I've used it has 100% been the easiest to use & has definitely shown me that felt liners are the way forward.

The colour was a really nice deep black & looked nice on...for all of an hour, I checked back not long later & my eyelids were covered in this horrible grey colour, not impressed! I did however give it the benefit of the doubt, I could have been extra sweaty that day or something. Nope! For the next week the same thing happened, after about an hour of wear it had completely gone! So disappointed, for a product that calls itself super I'm not impressed, which is a shame because the colour was so nice & it was really easy to use.

Unfortunately due to this annoyance I wouldn't recommend it all as it is definitely not a 'super liner' & this has now left me needing a new liquid liner once again. grrr!

Have you tried this eyeliner? If so what did you think of it?
Do you have any felt liners you could recommend to me?
What's your favourite liquid eyeliner?

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Charlotte xx


  1. Ohh ive picked this up soooo many times and ive always put it down as i worried it would be a bit naff glad you did this post!! Confirmed my doubts! Lol xxx

  2. Oh dear that's not good then :( I use the Supercat felt liner from Soap&Glory and I definitely recommend it! xx

  3. Very helpful! Lovely blog!


  4. When I saw the title of this post I was really hoping it would be a positive review as I'm in need of a new felt liner and always like trying new products! I use the Soap and Glory Supercat felt liner and it does an amazing job and is so easy to use!
    KJ xo

  5. I recently bought the new Blackbuster liner they do and that's amazing to use, i've never had trouble with it rubbing off at all. Maybe try that one? It does have a slightly thicker nib but it's really good :)


  6. I'm really surprised so many people have had a problem with this, it lasts really well on me.


  7. The tip of this looks perfect! I might have to give this a try! I'm a new follower, great post!
    Alice xxx


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