Saturday, 8 June 2013

A lack of common sense.

So you know when some people say that they have no common sense or that they are really ditsy but you know they probably aren't? I very much am!

My issues with this have been with me for a long time & could be considered borderline sheer stupidity. This aspect has unfortunately not remained unnoticed and even resulted in me winning 'dippiest female' at my year 13 leavers ball...oh what a proud moment that was!

So I thought I would share with you some of the things I've said over the years. Before you ask yes I did actually say these things & Yes they were in seriousness...I'm not proud of it!

"Do you need a passport to go to London"

"Is there a different currency in Wales" 

"Mount Everest is in America, right?"

"Is there a different currency in Bournemouth?" - WHAT?!

Among many, many others which are currently blocked out of my memory due to sheer embarrassment 

So there we go, the secret is out - I am incredibly dippy!
The reason I chose to share this with you all is because a) so you can have a little laugh at my expense - if your having a bad day I hope that cheers you up slightly b) To overcome my own personal embarrassment! 

That's what embarrasses me about myself
What are you not particularly proud of? Lets dish the dirt & get it all out in the open!
And embrace the weirdness

Speak Soon
Charlotte (The Queen of Dippiness ;) ) xx

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