Friday, 17 May 2013

What's made me happy this week?

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1. an amazing last week with my lovely housemates before we leave for summer. i love these girls.

2. going home on sunday. so excited to see my family, friends & of course my dog.

3. that i have a potential job lined up for summer. fingers crossed.

4.  pimms. the first pimms of the summer was a happy moment.

5. that i'm getting closer to 100 followers. that would make me very happy.

6. packing. i think i may be very alone on this one, i just really enjoy organizing. plus it gives me the chance to make a list.

7. watching all the harry potter films with my housemates. its safe to say i can quote a hell of a lot.

8. that for me summer is here. lets hope the weather starts to behave like it. i want to sunbathe.

9. scrap-booking. i love having a cute/creative way to store memories.

10. ice cream from the ice cream man. it makes me feel 7 again.

what's made you happy this week?
have a lovely weekend.
hope you enjoy that friday feeling.

Speak Soon
Charlotte xx


  1. such a cute post, love this idea! followed you on blogger and bloglovin too xx

  2. first pimms of the summer is always a good one! :)
    Alice xx

  3. I really enjoying reading your blog!! I am following you now :)

    Id be really grateful if you have a minute to visit me!


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