Friday, 3 May 2013

What's made me happy this week?

My view towards everything life related at the moment! Image found on Pinterest.

The title of this post should probably read 'Whats made me feel more than meh this week' but that would probably be ridiculous and lead to alot of eyebrow raising on your part.

If you didn't know already these past couple of weeks have been pretty shoddy, this time of the year is known to many as "assignment hell" and I have fallen victim to it once again and also one again my lack of organisation, my laziness and all around stupidness has meant that I have five days to finish 6 essay...great! Anyone fancy swapping lives?? Throw in some anxiety and panic into the mix and we have a cocktail for a damn good time (Sarcasm.) Please don't think I am being a whiny/attention seeker I just thought I'd share with you whats going on - this is partly a lifestyle blog and I think we all know that life isn't always glitter and roses so it seemed only fitting to remind you all and myself that we're all human at the end of the day and sometimes we all just need a bitch and a moan...and a hug.

Of course I'm not a complete scrooge and have had some moments which have been pretty great but this week they were a little harder to find than normal.

1. sun. this seems to be a regular little thing in these posts but i would be lying if i didn't include it. nice weather can make any mood/situation better. its a fact.

2. food. this week has made me realise how much food i can consume in one day. mostly the high calorie sugary kind aka the best kind.

3. caffeine has pretty much been my best friend the past few weeks.

4. my face has definitely appreciated the break from make up that its had the last few weeks.

5. buffy the vampire slayer. this old favourite of mine has been perfect revision break material - also hence the image above.

6. pyjamas. wearing nothing but them for the past few weeks has made me appreciate the comfiness so much.

7. my nightly run. with all the food & caffeine i'm consuming its been pretty essential to do abit of exercise.

8. thinking that after wednesday it will be acceptable (in my head) to sleep all day.

9. potato salad. i'd been craving it for so long - it did not disappoint.

10. my friends for putting up with my grumpiness...and my singing.

Sorry if this seems abit of a rant post but sometimes you've just gotta let it out.
I hope your week has been a lot better than mine has
what have you been upto?
I hope you all have a lovely weekend - if your stuck doing work I feel your pain! lets get through this together!

Speak Soon
Charlotte xx

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  1. haah love the picture! very buffy the vampire slayer:P would love it if could check out my latest post and perhaps vote for me in the Cosmo Blog Awards? Thank you! :) have a nice weekend!


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