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Tag | I heart spring.

Time for a 99? Image found on Pinterest. 

So as Spring has finally decided to grace us with its presence I thought that I would do the I heart Spring tag, I love spring so it seems appropriate to do so, and there really couldn't be a better day to write this as the weather is absolutely lovely. 

1. Favourite spring nail polish?

For Spring I love to wear pastel colours so throughout spring my pastel nail polish collection seems to get used on a circuit. But if I have to pick just one it will either be Essie - Mint Candy Apple or Topshop - Green Room (that's two but shh) I just love these colours I think they both look really nice on the nails, they are definitely my most repurchased nail polishes.

2. What is your must have lip colour for this Spring?

Topshop - Brighton Rock
Revlon Lip butter - Tutti Frutti
I love Oranges & Pinks for spring/summer, normally I go for the lighter ones during spring to kind of ease into the colour and go for the brighter colours mid summer. I like these products because they are both lovely colours and are very buildable, so can either be worn as lighter colours or can be built on to give more pop.

3. Show your favourite spring dress.

wow there are probably a million dresses I could choose for this - I'm a sucker for a spring dress. Probably this dress from Primark - I've had it for about three years now, but I'm still madly in love with it unfortunately its not quite as well fitting as it used to be but I'm determined to have slimmed down enough to wear it comfortably during spring/summer. I just love everything about it the print is so cutesy and I love floral. I think that the shape is so flattering (when it fits that is) I love the sweet heart neckline it makes it very girly and the fact that it goes in at the waist is very flattering for an hourglass body shape.

4. What is your favourite flower?

Orchids. Without any of a shadow of a doubt, they are so beautiful - if anyone bought me an orchid I would be one smitten kitten.

5. What is your favourite spring scarf or accessory?

I can't say I'm a big scarf wearer but my most worn accessory is probably my sun glasses, I love Aviator sunglasses I think they are cool looking and think that they suit my face best, they are just from H&M I think they were around £6.99 so pretty good price and they always last me ages.

6. Which spring trends are you most excited for this year? (Make up, fashion, or both) 

I must admit I'm not totally up to speed on the trends for SS/13 but I'm just happy that pastels and florals are back as I like them and have plenty in my wardrobe.

7. Favourite spring candle?

I'm not particularly a massive spring candle person but I do absolutely adore the Orchid & Sweet Coconut tea lights from Sainsburys  ' a sweet coconut fragrance layered with lush orchid, bamboo and a hint of citrus' - who doesn't like the sound of that?  I can't remember exactly how much they are but I think they were quite inexpensive and you get 30 tea lights in a pack, so definitely well worth it. The scent is very fresh and just reminds me of being on holiday.

8. Favourite perfume or body spray this Spring?

Probably my all time favourite perfume Marc Jacobs - Daisy, I'm really hoping to get my hands on the summer edition this year as I've heard great things.

9. What is spring like where you live?

Well, whenever the weather actually behaves like spring its really nice, I live in the country side and so when the suns out and the flowers are blooming it can be very picturesque - its the perfect place for sunny dog walks. I'm very excited to finish uni for summer in a couple of weeks so I can go home and enjoy the sun.

10. What is your favourite thing about spring?

This will probably sound very cliche but I love the fact that everything is new,  new weather, all the flowers are coming out, animals are being born, everything is just so new and beautiful  and things just feel good.

11. Are you a Spring cleaner?

I am actually! I dedicated a whole day a few weeks back for a huge spring clean in which I completely de-cluttered and made everything spic and span. I imagine I'll have to do that again when I go home - my room always seems to turn into the junk room when I'm at Uni.

12. Any plans for a Spring holiday?

I wish. Unfortunately I'm saving all my money for a summer holiday but hopefully some mini road trips will take place at some point.

I Tag all of my lovely followers! I'd love to see what you love about spring!
If you decide to do this, post links in the comments and I'll check them out.

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  1. The mint colored nailpolishes are my current favorite as well. It just livens up the hand and looks so pretty!

  2. i need to get my hands on that revlon orange lipstick! colour looks amazing!!!!


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