Saturday, 11 May 2013

See the Lights, See the Party, The Ballgowns.

Dress from New Look, Shoes from New Look.
 So I guess that this is my first outfit post, yay. Yesturday it was my University's Summer Ball, so for me and my housemates it was an excuse to dress up all fancy after so long of slobbing around. So I thought I would share my outfit with you, please excuse the not so lovely back drop it was pouring with rain outside so our student house living room had to do - just imagine a pretty garden backdrop instead.

I purchased this dress last summer because I thought it was too gorgeous not to buy, however I've never quite had the chance to wear it until yesturday. I love everything about this dress, I love the floral pattern it makes me feel very girly, I'm not normally one to wear pinky colours but I definitely don't mind with this dress. The style of the dress is what really sold it to me, first of all it is very flattering the cross over front hides any stomach concerns and I really like the fact that the neckline isn't too low, as someone who is quite - shall we say- busty its nice not to worry about too much cleavage being on show. So its really good that I managed to find a dress I feel so comfortable body wise in. Of course the main thing that drew me to the dress was the dip him, I love this style I feel that it can add so much to an outfit, I love the fact that the back is so much longer as it made me feel very princess-esque, although at times it did feel like a wedding dress as one of my friends had to hold the back up when we went down the stairs. The only negative thing about this dress is that the under layer is very short so too avoid grazing bum cheek (whoa there graphic imagery) I did have to keep pulling it down.

I accessorized the dress with a nude clutch bag and nude shoes so as not to clash with the dress as the dress is so statement that too much colour would have made the whole outfit very loud. I added pomegranate nails to compliment the flowers on the dress. For my hair and make up I kind of wanted to make the look abit edgier as the dress is so girly. For my hair I backcombed the top to create a bouffant quiff and then tied the hair into a fishtail braid to the side and then messed the whole thing up to make it more casual. I then created a brown smokey eye paired with nude lips so as not to take attention away from the outfit & hair. 

I really enjoyed this look and it was very nice to feel so glam for a night.
As for my first outfit post, is it something you'd like to see more of?

Speak Soon
Charlotte xx

p.s. yes the title are Taylor Swift lyrics, it was the most ball related thing I could think of.


  1. that dress is so pretty! you look lovely :) xxx

  2. Ooh really pretty dress xx

  3. Hey gorgeous! I have nominated you for the Liebster blogging award!! To find out more, check out my blog:


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