Friday, 3 May 2013

It could be worse.

Image found on Pinterest.

So my previous post seemed to take an unexpected trip to the deep end & I forgot my arm bands, I don't particularly enjoy being a grump and as much as I don't want to give off that impression some times you just need to be a grump and that's okay, what isn't okay is to mellow in grumpiness and that is something I can often do. Life is far too short for that. I found this image on pinterest today and it made me feel very inspired and it also made me feel abit disappointed in myself for being a miserable so and so.

I don't know when eight year old's got so wise but this picture made me think that this eight year old is right, sometimes you just need to pull yourself out of the mood your in and lighten up. I think its important to remember that in our grumpiest or saddest moments it could probably be worse and what sucks today will probably be forgotten tomorrow. I hate going to bed in a bad mood I think its very important to wipe the slate clean every night to wake up with a whole bunch of new opportunities to experience. I may be struggling at the moment but it won't last and then i'll be disappointed in myself that I let myself feel down for so long.

So this got deep very quickly but I just thought I'd share my views for the day with you. Basically please don't think I'm grumpy.
Its strange how a child can make me feel so philosophical...or should I say philoslothical.

Image found on Google.
Well I ruined that moment didn't I?

But you guys get the idea. 

When your in a bad mood choose not to be. Pick a new mood & a new colour.
I'm picking Yellow
What will you choose?

Speak Soon
Charlotte xx

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