Saturday, 27 April 2013

Whats made me happy this week?

i'd like to go rollerskating...also legs like that would be pretty nice to!

Image found on pinterest.

1. my work placement. such an interesting experience and an amazing opportunity to experience a work environment i may one day enter into.

2. the sun. freaking finally. i've been waiting for this moment since last spring & now i'm without a doubt making the most of it (i even got abit of tan the other day - yay).

3. ben & jerrys caramel choo choo. all i'll say is i've been converted from cookie dough! soo good.

4. iron man 3. saw it last night! loved it! GO SEE IT NOW! (i'm going to post a review soon so keep your eyes peeled)

5. orange lipstick. now i'm a blonde again i can finally get use out of my different colour lipsticks again.

6. my friends. good friends & family who can make the worst day feel amazing - what else do you really need?

7. pastels. literally obsessed with pastel colours at the moment.

8. daisies. you know your still a child at heart when you sit & make daisy chains on your own.

9. that i'm halfway through with my essays. these next two weeks need to hurry so summer can begin.

10. making plans for the summer makes me feel very grown up - working, learning to drive & travelling. i can't wait.

What have you enjoyed most this week?
I hope you are all enjoying the fabulous sunshine.
Have an amazing weekend. :)

Speak Soon
Charlotte xx

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  1. Oh I used to love making daisy chains xx


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