Thursday, 11 April 2013

Top 10 Tips for a Good Spring Clean.

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So with Spring finally beginning to make an appearance, I'm sure many of us will be getting down to do a good spring clean, so as I've recently had the biggest clear out ever I thought that I would share my tips with you.

1. Give yourself plenty of time. If your rushing around & don't have enough time to get it done then you won't be thorough  and the whole thing will pretty much be pointless. Plus you will most likely be left with your room/space looking like this.

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...and that isn't good for anybody.

2. Get some good music playing. This is essential for curing boredom & anyway its always fun to sing and dance when your cleaning , it makes me feel like I'm in Mary Poppins or Snow White...or pretty much every other single Disney film.

3. DO NOT BE SENTIMENTAL. None of this "Oh look at this cute card I got in 2003" Man up & Throw it away. If you don't use it don't keep it. Tough love all the way in this instance.

4. The same with clothes - if you don't wear it don't keep it. If it doesn't fit it don't try & keep it, praying that one day you'll miraculously fit into it (Take the hint Charlotte) & please, please, please don't keep something just because you really like it if it isn't up to scratch. Rips & holes aren't a good look. Let it go.

5. Don't be a magpie. This is probably THE hardest thing to do during a spring clean, Do not stop & 'play' with every interesting item that you find. You will be distracted for hours and I can guarantee whatever it is you will want to keep it. Then will begin the viscous hording circle.

6. Prepare yourself to get very bored and wish you hadn't started. Don't give up. persevere. May I remind you of the picture in point 1. It will be worth it when you know where everything is & don't have to worry about tripping over a barbie from 1994 that you just couldn't part with.

7. Watch out for bugs. That is all. Spiders seem to love coming out to play during a spring clean. To quote Scar (lion king) "be prepared."

8. Don't look at any old photos you find. it is not worth the trauma that will follow and you will never - I repeat never get an answer to "What was I thinking when I dressed myself that day" or "why did I think that hair cut would suit me" So don't even try and ask the question. Sweep it under the rug (figuratively not literally - that would defeat the point) and move on.

9. Dust. It ends up everywhere so make sure your wearing clothes you don't care about & maybe keep a window open for good measure. The sniffles definitely won't help the cause.

10. Social media is not your friend. It will be the biggest distraction there is, so stay away.

Now pop the kettle on, put your favourite show/film on & enjoy your newly clean room...while it lasts.

So these are my tips in how to go about a good spring clean
I hope these help you in someway
Are any of you undergoing a spring clean soon?
If so. Good luck.

Speak Soon
Charlotte x


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  3. Yes...all very good tips. Love your little corner of the internet over here.


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