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New Look Haul.

The probably should read New Look Haul with two little tag alongs...but that would be long winded & silly so instead I'm just going to mention it here. Just in case people are like 'hold up that ain't new look what you chatting?' You know how it is.

Normally I'm not the biggest fan of New Look but I've been in desperate need for some spring/summer clothes and their stock was surprisingly good, so I got a few ickle bits!

Before I show what I got I need to make an apology about the photos, I was struggling for decent lighting, and after I'd taken the images I realised how dishevelled the items looked from where they had been in the bag & unfortunately our iron is broken so I've had to leave it. Sorry for that but please just try to picture the items all freshly ironed & smooth. After that little confession we can begin.

The first items I picked up where just some basic vests, because lets be honest you can never have too many vest tops! You all know its true. I already have like a million white & black ones, so I wanted to get some different colours and if you've read my latest post you will know I am obsessed with pastels at the moment so I got a mint, a pinky/skin tone & a light blue vest and I really like them to just wear under tops at the moment. I think that they are a really good value for money at £2.99 a pop and they always last me a really long time.

The next item I picked up is another kind of basic vest but this has a racer back and drop sleeves, it is just a plain white (although I did also get it in black - but it was in the wash when I took the photos) casual dress with a button detailing down the front, this top will be perfect for the summer to wear with maxi skirts or even with shorts and jeans, I can tell I'm going to get alot of use out of it already. These style of tops are also perfect for wearing on holiday over a bikini top for that slouchy effect. These vests were £5.99 each and they had a selection of other colours too.

As I'm not overly fond of my upper arms its pretty much essential for me to have some t-shirts in my wardrobe, I think that these two are perfect for spring/summer, they are just the right shape - being loose and casual with the prints adding girlyness to the tops. I love these two prints, particularly the blue tea plate style, every time I see an item of clothing with this print I automatically want it, so it seemed to be a match made in heaven. The second t-shirt has a very girly ditsy print pattern and I absolutely love it. These t-shirts are perfect to just throw on over a pair of jeans and they cost £9.99 each.

The next item, I'm still not 100% with, I love the style of the dress, it cinches me in which I like because it gives a really defined hour glass shape, I'm not overly crazy about the ruffles just because I find that it makes my chest area look bigger (Which believe me isn't necessary) so I worry it looks abit slutty. I love the crochet effect at the bottom of the dress I think it gives the dress some needed casualness and its just a pretty little detail. The colour is the thing I'm not 100% about, I like it as a colour and its like nothing else I have in my wardrobe, I'm just not sure it suits my skin tone fully - I think I may change my mind a little when I get abit of a tan in the summer, I just think it washes me out abit at the moment. It is a really lovely dress and hopefully I will learn to love it abit more. This dress cost £16.99 which for a dress I think is pretty reasonable.

If you hadn't realised already I'm loving the slouchy clothes at the moment & this jumper is no exception, I've been wanting a kind of light jumper to just throw on over vests for this mild spring weather and this one for me is perfect. It has a drop hem back & 3/4 length sleeves which just add to the comfort, the neckline is quite low so you can go for the off-the shoulder look if you desire. The colour is what mainly drew me to this particular jumper, I love this sort of blue colour anyway but the speckled effect just gives it so much more depth and makes it look very cosy. This jumper is perfect to lounge around the house in & I think will be really good to wear over maxi dresses to add more texture & give a more relaxed style. I have a feeling that this won't be the last of these jumpers that I buy especially since they are only £9.99.

Now for the non new look tag a longs, I love mint & I love shirts so when I see a mint shirt I freak out a little bit inside, I love everything about this shirt, the colour is beautiful, I love the peter pan collar and the detailing on the front and on the sleeves, I think it makes it look quite retro/vintage & I'm really glad I picked it up and although it cost abit more than I would normally want to pay  for a shirt - £19.99 to be specific! I know I'm going to wear it alot so I'm willing to forgive H&M for their pricing on this shirt.

This last item I have been eyeing up on every trip to Topshop, I really love the idea of crop tops but really don't have the body for them, unfortunately I ain't no skinny minnie, but having recently invested in some high waisted jeans I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get one as no major skin would be on show so no one would be blinded by the sight of my stomach. I really like these crop tops, the material itself has the ability to stretch but is still nice to touch. I love the spotty effect it feels very retro, I originally wanted the red one but it wasn't in store & as I don't really have much green I thought i'd try this one. I'm a fan and would definitely buy the red one if it comes back in stock. These crop tops are £10.00 which I do think is a little much for half a top but I bought it none the less so I can't have been that fussed!

So that is all of my recent clothing purchases, needless to say I won't be going shopping any time soon  as my bank account is probably in despair at the amount I've spent. Saying that I do have a beauty haul post coming up so keep an eye out!

Sorry that this post was so long, hope you managed to stick it out to the end! 

What styles of clothing are you loving for spring/summer?

Speak Soon
Charlotte xx

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