Wednesday, 3 April 2013

February/March Empties.

So as you probably know last month I had some computer troubles, which delayed me in putting up a February empties post and a February favourites post. So as there weren't that many items I thought I would combine the products from this and the previous month together to form a joint February/March Empties post. Enjoy.

I'll start with the most boring item, which is deoderent, that product that we all use (I hope) I never normally put in that much thought as to which I'm going to buy and just tend to go with which ever one is on offer. The most recent one I've been using is the Garnier mineral Ultra Dry 48hr one. I'm not entirely sure what to say about this product. I liked it, it did the job I wanted it to do, kept me squeaky clean and all that. In my honest opinion I definitely would not say that it would last 48 hours, as during long days I did find myself topping up but that could just be because I get paranoid about issues of the arm pits. Better safe than sorry. So all in all it was a good deoderent I wasn't mad about it and wouldn't go running to the shelves to buy it, but if it was on offer again then I'd pick it up.

So the first item of my intense Soap & Glory collection has run out, the Clean on me shower gel served me very well and quite honestly I am sad to see it go. It smells amazing and the smells lasts on your skin, it does a good job in cleaning me which is most definitely what you would want from a shower gel. I won't be repurchasing it anytime soon as I still have a stack of others to get through, but it does remain very high on top of my Soap & Glory shower gel list.

My beloved Soap & Glory Mist you madly has run out. Nooooo. I am very sad that this is all gone as I am absolutely crazy about this scent. It did last me very well so I am very impressed with the longevity of it, but all good things must come to an end and I am looking forward to trying a new body spray with the knowledge that this beauty will be waiting for me. If you are looking for a floral, sweet and very girl scent then this is for you.

My next empty product is another body spray, I'm not sure how this has become an on going theme in this post, I'm not super smelly I promise. Apparently I've just wanted to smell fruity this month. Anyway its the Natural collection passion fruit body spray, as far as natural collection body sprays go this is definitely my favourite, I've found that this is the only one that doesn't smell to sickly. The scent is just perfect in terms of fruitiness/sweetness. For just keeping in the bag for a quick spritz every now and then this product is perfect.

The last product I've used up over February/March is probably one of my most staple hair products. It's the Herbal Essences hello hydration intensive hair mask, I've mentioned this product before in a favourites post and it without a doubt remains one of my favourites and I'm very sad its gone. Going to have to make a trip to boots soon me thinks. As someone who can be somewhat harsh with their hair aka I dye it crazy colours all the time, it is very important to have something to bring it back to life abit and this product absolutely does that. Its safe to say that without this product I probably wouldn't have any hair, it leaves my hair feeling soft and smooth and smelling absolutely amazing, I literally could sit and sniff my hair for hours after using this product.

So these are all the products I've used up over the months of February & March, a few of these products have been mentioned in more detail in other posts, so if you would like to find out more about any of the listed products please check out my previous posts.

What products have you used up this month?
Do you have any recommendations to replace any of these products?

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  1. I love Mist you Madly as well, such a lovely scent xx


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