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Collective Haul | Clothing.

So I suppose this is my first fashion post, yay! I haven't really done a haul post before so please bear with me and I hope you like it. As it is supposed to be spring (c'mon sunshine) I decided to buy some outfits that would be suited for both spring & summer, so prepare yourself for lots of pastels & florals, with a fun little extra at the end. (A quick warning - the photos aren't the greatest, the weather was horrendous & the light in my bedroom is mediocre at best, so it wasn't really the best combination for photo taking. Sorry.)

The first item I picked up is from Sugarhill boutique  and it is a gorgeous mint dress with a milkshake print across it. At first impressions I am absolutely in love with this dress, the colour is perfect for this time of year, the chiffon material and the style of the dress is not only very flattering but very girly. I love the sleeves, as a girl who is abit self conscious about her upper arms, I love the fact that they are hidden in this dress but the sleeves are in no way tight around the underneath of the arm - which is something I really hate. 

The back of this dress is what makes it really original in my opinion. I love the corset style laces with the key hole at the bottom of the lace, I think it makes the dress stand out and adds a little something extra to a very girly dress. (Although I haven't quite found the perfect bra to wear with it just yet.)

When I first saw this dress in a post on Megan's blog  I knew I had to get my hands on it, although the price did put me off at first, although beautiful I couldn't really justify to myself spending £55.00 on a dress. I kind of gave up hope on this dress until I saw it on the ASOS website  although the same price I knew I could get student discount, so I decided 'what the hell' and added it to my basket, it turns out I could also get free delivery which I was pretty pleased with, so all in all I think I ended up getting up for around £40.00. So if your not willing to pay the full price for the product I would definitely recommend checking on ASOS and nabbing the student discount if you have it. I am so glad I managed to get this dress I really love it and look forward to getting alot of use out of it as it gradually gets warmer. 

The next item that I purchased recently is a dress from Boohoo and it is the 'Emilia floral off the shoulder dress' I already have a dress in a similar style to this also from Boohoo, I really like this style of dress. I think that this dress will be perfect for summer days/evenings especially on holiday, because it is so lightweight & flowy which is great to keep you cool during hot weather. The dress itself was £15.00 which I actually think is really good value, I think its a really good material as well & will hopefully be long lasting. The standout feature of this dress for me is the straps I love that it has the double straps, the almost bra straps & The off the shoulder capped sleeves. I think it gives it a really care free look & feels quite hippy/boho-esque which I think is perfect for the summer weather. I think that I am going to pair it with some ankle/cowboy boots & a denim jacket to complete the boho look. Another thing that really attracted me to it is the colour, I love the kind of earthy tones I don't really tend to wear these sorts of colours, normally sticking to pastels & blue tones, but I really liked the way the colours work together and I think that they really compliment my skin tone. Hopefully I'll get a chance to go abroad this summer because this little dress will definitely be making its way into my suitcase.

The last item I picked up was abit of an impulse purchase, I saw them online and thought they were so cool I had to buy them. The Marvel Avengers Customized Shorts from O'ak Denim  were definitely purchased for my geeky side. The shorts were £30.00 which I actually think isn't too bad for customized shorts and I have definitely already got a fair bit of wear out of them. I really like the originality of them, when I've worn them I've recieved many compliments and had people asking where there from, one person even asked if I made them myself (as if!) The red acid wash colour is really eye catching and is unlike any other piece of clothing I own, I love the distressed look that they have. But of course the thing I love the most is the Marvel print, all my well loved superheroes on my shorts. What more could a girl want? I am a huge fan of these shorts I think they are really original & have that kind of laid back/indie vibe which is definitely a key part of my personal fashion sense. Love them!

Close up of the print.

So these are all the clothing items I've picked up recently, as I said before I've never really done a fashion post before so I hope you liked & that it wasn't a complete shambles. If you liked it and would be interested in seeing this sort of post again please leave a comment and let me know. I have a beauty haul coming up soon if you did like this and would like to see something similar.

Have you been shopping recently? What did you pick up?
What are your fashion spring/summer staples?

Speak Soon
Charlotte x

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  1. Love the ice cream print on the first dress, and you're right, the corset style back is so unique.

    Would be lovely to see you wearing some of these! xx

    1. Ice cream.. milkshake.. same difference ;) haha xx

    2. don't worry I get them confused all the time haha, hopefully will be doing some outfit posts soon, when all my work is done :) xx

  2. Those shorts are fab xx

  3. The dresses are so pretty : )

  4. Awesome things! I am especially in love with the first dress! The color and the pattern are really gorgeous!

    Hope you visit me on my blog

  5. Really lovely items, I love those shorts - they're awesome! X


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