Friday, 29 March 2013

What's made me happy this week?

I'm sorry but this is hilarious. originally found on tumblr. 

1.  dominoes. the pizza's not the game. So unhealthy but such a perfect treat.

2. being home for Easter. it's always nice to come home.

3. the nice albeit rare bit of sunshine we've been treated to this week. come back sun!

4. when someone laughs at one of my weird jokes. rare but its nice to know i'm not a complete loser.

5. pets. i love the fact that their love is so unconditional. and they are so damn cute.

6. wantworthy. such a good idea for a website. gone are the days of finding clothes you like & bookmarking them online. now they are all in a handy place all together.

7. peter pan. one of my favourite childhood books. love anything to do with the story. watching the disney film with my sister today has rekindled my love.

8. buying tickets to see viva forever for mine & my best friend's 21st's. roll on november.

9. lord of the rings. anytime its on telly i have to watch it even though i've seen it countless times.

10. broadchurch. such an intense programme. don't have an inkling who the murderer is. every time i think i know someone else arouses suspicion. amazing!

What have you enjoyed this week?
Do you have any plans for this extra long weekend?
Happy Easter! :)

Speak Soon
Charlotte x

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  1. Haha ive seen this picture soo many times but still makes me chuckle when i see it!



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